iPhone on June 29th


It is going to be an interesting day on June 29th. You will the see the lines for people waiting for the iPhone, they will have to sign for the two year contract and pay $600 for the premium to own that phone. Hopefully it will have little to no issues but only time will tell. A lot of people are probably going to start modding it from day one who are hoping for the SDK Kit.

It is showing the Apple is a little worried about this product since it is getting so much buzz and hype, people’s expectations are extremely high on every aspect of this phone and they have to get it right. So little days left until the launch, and if there is any problem with this phone expect consumer backlash to be severe. No product has been as anticipated as this phone since the turn of the century. We shall see people’s reactions soon.

Link: Engadget

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  1. I cant wait…have you heard about the new align between Sony Ericsson, Nokia and some other big mobile manufacturers to to produce a cheaper versions similar to the Apple iPhone.
    I heard about it today on France24, I dont know if its true or not.

  2. I’ll tell you what the reaction would be ….. SOLD OUT on the first day :D

  3. I know many people are expecting too much of the iphone!! If the phone is mot as perfect as every one is thinking it’ll be, Apple will be having some probs in their hands!!

    In the other hand it is a phone after all and it’s a phone and it will be facing some probs every now and then, I think people should not over expect but not be disappointed if they faced a prob or two!

    Ps; I’m still loyal to my Nokia!!! :D

  4. Well I still thinks $600 is too much…I better off buying a PS3 instead. Yeah, it is a problem if the product doesn’t match the people’s expectations…just like Apple TV. I might buy one but not now.

  5. Do you know when its gonna reach the Kuwaiti market?

  6. Muh’d M. Mansour: I would doubt that, that is just too much hype for just one product!

    G-Funk: Sold out yes, but will it be bug free probably not!

    Nora: You will always be loyal to Nokia!! hehehe! But your right it seems they have a lot on their hands now so we shall what happens over the coming months!

    Moey: I want to see what will happen!

    Angelo: yeah, your better off waiting! Thats what I think!

    Ansam: probably end of 2008, but they will probably bring a few but with no warranty by the end of this summer.

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