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I have been too damn lazy coming around to this and I have this weird feeling that everything could go wrong and the blog would disappear. Its funny since I always come to it and think to myself I will do it later when I am more prepared. What I keep postponing is the damn WordPress upgrade, and every time a new one comes out, I know its simple enough and there are no problems but I just can’t seem to do it. And the other tweaks are simply cleaning a few things up.

  • Upgrading WordPress
  • The reason for upgrading is so that it fixes all the damn issues I have and so I can post videos and songs. I have a lot I want to post about but I don’t since it never shows up.
  • Fixing up the Ride and Anime pages, I need to put up what is relevant there and tweak them a bit.
  • There are a few things to tweak on the blog cosmetically but thats about it.
  • My first step of upgrading has been hell! I can’t seem to backup my content file since my FTP connection keeps timing out, I don’t know why! I think its because my wp-content folder is too damn big! I want to upgrade to resolve all the issues but I’m running into a lot of problems just trying to transfer the files they recommend from the wordpress site, I’m off to a tough start!

    I’m might be asking for some help from some people!

    A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


    1. allah y3eenek o good luck

      download wp-content folder by folder will work (worked in my case)

      small tip
      backup ur database from phpmyadmin, then, import the from wp-admin interface, it will give u xml file contains all ur posts catagories and comments ,, easier to handle than mysql backup.
      ofcourse u will need to backup mysql since pages is missing from the xml

      good luck

    2. :: Check if you have Fantastico Icon , it comes with your cPanel if there is any just click “update” and in 3 seconds you’ll be updated

    3. Zahed

      YAA YAA YAAA zook did you take pic’s from yesterday hahahahah

    4. Zacky boy you don’t have to back up anything because when you upgrade to 2.2 it creates a backup of ur files and puts it up on and that’s how things go from there.

    5. i neeeeed to fix my template but i have not found the time -_-

    6. Muh’d M. Mansour: thanks!

      Moodless: Thanks a lot for all the tips! I needed that! I want to upgrade the damn thing but those files are annoying, I will look for phpmyadmin to make that xml file!

      Frankom: you kidding me! I will check that!

      Zahed: We did NOTHING! It was only a cigar room!

      The[M]Code: Me too! I like it being updated!

      Jacqui: I will check that out then! Thats what you did right?

      Laialy: yes you do! You know who to contact! hehehe

    7. That’s what I did.. Actually I logged into my Dreamhost and I just clicked on update to 2.2 and that was about it.. 10 minutes later or less it emailed me and said that it’s ready just go to the following link and u’ll be all done and that’s about it.. but by default now it’s going to save a backup on a .old1 old2 old3 extension.

    8. Jacqui: cool what about the plugins and all that? that sounds much simpler!

    9. Doesn’t need anything for the plugins by the way it’ll do everything on its own :P

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