Comic Books (Complete Collections)


As I was browsing through Amazon I came across the software section and I stumbled onto Marvel’s software. They have all the comic books available on DVD as whole collections. It brought back a lot of memories as I was going through them. For any fan that wants them these are the available series from Marvel:


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  1. makes me wonder if they would sell, i mean the whole point of the comic book was the experience of having the physical matter, i wonder if this would effect their prices as well now that an unlimited number of people can have access to them.

  2. i got my Amazing Spider-Man and Ultimate X-men DVDs from jarrer
    they’re awesome

  3. Laialy: The problem with the physical comic books was that they would be affected with time! Thats also what I am thinking, I would like to have it, but at the same time I loved having the comics! Its tough!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Its not my collection! Just whats available for download!

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