Parts Update


Currently I have a few parts on order and still waiting for them:

  • Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fairing – Shift-Tech
  • Pirelli Super Corsa Pro Rear Tire – Zed Motors
  • Termognini Full Exhaust – Tristar

I have been waiting over a month to get the exhaust since I knew it would the ECU problem. The full exhaust system also comes with a ECU for this exhaust. This will help with all of my stalling issues, but since Tristar did the last tweak to the ECU I don’t remember stalling which is great. Now I can’t wait to get this exhaust on Pyro, he isn’t just going to look like a demon he is going to sound like one too.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. still waiting for the exhaust ?! ““

    can’t wait for mine too ;) “`

  2. Man!! Pyro is going to rule all the demons of this world after all those upgrades!!! ;)

  3. Vampire: On Backorder from Ducati! Thats why!

    Laialy: loooool! Very much so!

    Nora: hehehehe! Yes, with a glint of evil in his eye!

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