Dispersed Directories!


The above diagram is my current setup and everything is connected by the D-Link Gigabit switch and routed through the Netgear Gigabit Router. Recently I have been trying to centralize my files and duplicate it somewhere else. I don’t want to put everything all in one place but at the same time putting it all in different locations has resulted in non-stop searching for certain files. The other day I stumbled upon a music directory inside a back-up folder of my old pc inside one of the network storage, I was surprised to find it since it had a lot of old songs I was looking for earlier.

What I’m trying to do is duplicate new media files just in case if a Hard Drive stops working on me, and I send the old files to Infrant NV+ which has redundant storage. It is a bit of task to go searching between them, and organizing them is going to be hell as well since I have to go through so many sub-directories and many of the External HDs have different profiles on them. I know once I am done I will be extremely happy with everything, its always about redundancy upon redundancy upon redundancy, its moments like these that I realize I am complete nerd.

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  1. I completely cleared out all the media files on my other computers ..
    one by one I put the harddrives in the server PC and copied over the files. The server now hosts all videos, music and photos. The other computers can access them over the network and add files.

  2. If you’re serious about storage, build a RAID set. That way, you if your hard drives fail, you can rebuild your data back onto newer drives.

  3. Whoa talk about your very own SAN !! :D
    it must be hell tracking down an archived file. why dont you go with a dedicated media server option with RAID ? that way you have all the files in a central location and its easier to backup.

  4. Wait for a couple of monthes and get windows home server, it is supposed to do everything for you, duplicate files, back every pc in the house automaticly every night and stream content everywhere you like (not only ur home)
    PS: It works with XP and vista not sure about other systems, there is a great preview of it here: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/whs_preview.asp

  5. Laialy’s words of wisdom: random redundancy is a result of disorganization :p

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  7. nibaq: that is one of the coolest looking servers I have ever seen!!! And I think everyone wants to play starcraft multiplayer on the cray supercomputer!!!

    K: I’m thinking of slowly doing that to Infrant NV+ but I download so much I don’t feel like moving them!

    3baid: The Infrant NV+ is configured for X-Raid so I just pop in hard drives without a second thought, that is where my items are backed up.

    mathew: I was thinking about that but I don’t feel like just building a media server. I’m comfortable with the way things are to a certain degree, I just have to organize it!

    eliedh: I’m honestly not sure that everything will work seamlessly so I will just take it easy for now and think of other solutions!

    Laialy: loooool! Redundancy is KEY!

    Jumping Translocation: Thank you very much for the invite but I won’t be in london at that time! I wish I was!

  8. You’ve sparked a little fire that shall slowly consume my budget!

  9. N: You have no idea, its always about configuration and connection quality and all of the above!!!!! hehehe! Can never get enough!

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