Meraki solar-powered Wifi Kit


This is an interesting product from Miraki is a cost-effective way to implement community Wifi, and it is a very good repeater with the ability to broadcast up to 700 feet away. The solar panel is an ingenius idea and works really good in our enviroment, but the solar panel is not priced yet and the outdoor wireless repeater goes for only $99.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Only $99??? WOW!!! I’ve been telling my husband to get solar panel system for the whole house!! It’s so damn good for our environment and it also saves you so much money from the electricity bill!!!

    Man I think people should start seriously thinking of such things!!! Don’t you??

  2. Muh’d M. Mansour: That makes no sense!!!

    Nora: $99 is only for the wireless reciever and not for the solar panel!! They haven’t priced it! Thats what I’m curious about too!

  3. *ban ban ban*

    I would be interested in this for a chalet or farm (and if i actually sit outside) .. my home already gets wireless everywhere from the router inside.

  4. K: looool! Yup, same here I got wireless all over the place! This would work better in the chalet! But I have other ideas for that!

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