Virgin in Kuwait Redone


I have always had this image of Virgin being the rebellious type brand with a specific feeling from it. Its always the brand that you feel does something because its fun, thats the feeling that Richard Bronson brought across. But sadly thats not the case of Virgin in Kuwait, the Virgin in Kuwait feels like they are trying everything possible to turn a profit and placing products which has nothing to do with the Virgin brand or what other Virgin stores carry.


What I did like:

  • The Book section is a lot better organized
  • The video games section is larger and better organized
  • Its a bit more spacious

What I didn’t like:

  • There is no differentiation between all the sections its very confusing to tell them apart, they should be sectionalized
  • The electronics section looks like a cheap version of Eureka
  • The toys section is extremely tacky and shouldn’t be there in the first place
  • The DVD section doesn’t stand out as before
  • There are cars and unnecessary marketing, companies placing their cars in the middle
  • When was the last time anyone bought a motorcycle, quad, or jetski from Virgin
  • The magazine section was one of things I liked in the previous setup, now its extremely disorganized
  • They have sacrifised good design layout for the sake to market more products and turn a profit

That is basically my take of the reopened Virgin.















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  1. CARS??? That is stupid in my opinion!! Well the greed and what it does that’s what I think… When a business can’t stop by being really good and goes and mess the whole thing up in thought of getting extra money, and many times they end up losing not gaining as many I know!

  2. what happened to Middle Easts largest Virgin Megastore. It was like a new landmark in Kuwait. It showed a new lifestyle that never been in Kuwait.
    Anyway, I think no matter what happened it still be everyones favorite.

  3. I think this is one store that has had the most number of renovations in a short time. Do you remember the cafe? Do you remember how they tried to make the little corridor upstairs a happening spot with books? Remember how they had many Nissan cars on display? It was evident that they’ve sold out a long time ago. Everytime I go in there something is different. Change is good but not at the expense of customer comfort. I like going into a store and knowing where I will find what I need. Virgin keeps destorying that. Sorry for the long comment!

  4. Virgin Kuwait reminds me a lot of Virgin Dubai which also sucks. They need to redesign the place so its closer to Virgin Lebanon which is a lot more cozier and everything is more tighter packed together.

  5. Nora: yeah, I think they will be losing the customers they want and instead getting the different kind of customers. You can’t cater to all! And the cars are just rediculous!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: its not really anyone’s favorite, some enjoy it and the same time a lot are pissed with how things are. They wish it was like the one in Dubai.

    Zahra: Bil 3aks, I like your input on it! And yes I know what you mean about the cafe, I thought that was a cool thing I don’t know why they changed that! Having a cafe in a book store is always a fantastic thing, to sit down and browse through a couple of books. But as you said they keep changing things around and they sold out a long time ago.

  6. Looks like it’s overcrowded with stuff, it looks like a mall more then a multimedia mega-store!

  7. Virgin Kuwait just don’t know when to stop, or be innovative! They can do some really cool things but they’re not.

  8. Carlsb3rg

    You forgot to mention the rip-off prices.

    PS: You parked inside virgin? ;p

  9. jewaira

    Sure you didn’t park one of your bikes in there to show?

    Well it is a sad truth that they can’t remain competitive just selling books and music.

  10. Zahra: looool! don’t worry about commenting as long as you are enjoying the posts! I will be checking out your post for sure!!

    eliedh: yup, its more like a mall then a multimedia mega-store!

    N: yup that is for sure, but they seem to have fallen very short!

    K: looooooool! The ice cream is tough to resist!

    Carlsb3rg: yup that is standard in Kuwait, not just Virgin! loooooool! Thats a Kawazaki not a Ducati!!!!!!

    jewaira: I wouldn’t park it right there and lifting his legs up! Pyro would be front and center with a security barrier! Thats true there is a bit of competitiveness that they have to take into consideration but at what cost!

    Blue Ice Envy: hehehe

  11. Well it is a relief that it has been reopened. It looks specious though and as long the book store remains there …I’m OK with anything. Now if only they bring the old coffee shop back…it was one of the best thing.

  12. funny i walked it and walked right out of virgin the other day, it wasn’t calling my name

  13. Angelo: I’m not sure about the toys section though! Its too commercial at this point!

    Laialy: yeah I know what you mean! Doesn’t feel like anything special these days!

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