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Plot Summary: In the future, a meteor crashes into Earth and brings with it a virulent form of life. This virus is known as M34 and attacks humans, turning them into vicious monsters. Most of the human population is wiped out, thus government agencies are formed to fight the virus. One of the groups, NOA, inserts nanomachines into the bodies of its soldiers; these machines allow them to transform and fight off the infected. Unfortunately, the virus mutates and becomes too strong for NOA to handle. Now the fate of the world rests in the hands of 16-year-old girl with the power to defeat the virus.

This anime revolves around the a virus which is plaguing the humans and they developed the NOA soldiers to fight off these creatures which are developed from this virus. There are two main characters one is Yuji who is a NOA soldier, and AI who has the power to fight off this virus. The way this anime is developed its too fast and in too short a time. The story of the NOA soldiers themselves wasn’t clear as to how they came about and where they were going with them. They were trying to create a complex story in just four episodes, there wasn’t enough character development to justify all they did. They tried incorporating CG animation into the anime and that didn’t work out too well. For four episodes it was a waste of time, this is one of the worst anime’s I have seen yet.

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  1. My first impression when i saw it’s art was “He’s doing a review about an anime with art such as this, this can’t be.” then when i saw the rating and read what you thought about it i went like “That’s what i expected.” Don’t you think that the art plays the biggest part in the anime? As for complex stories there will be nothing, ever, anything, like Serial Experiments Lain, to this day i still think about it, it leaves a powerful impression on the ones that see it, and keep you wondering forever, and even though things are not clear, they make you stick to watching it by giving you some hints that kill you every now and then, and show you things that you would die just to have an explanation to them.

    Ergo Proxy is beginning to feel more clear than complex to me. The notes at the end of the episodes by Shinsen subs play a big part in clearing things up, it’s wonderful to find subbers who spend the time writing those notes.

    I’m glad you gave us a warning about this anime, because it’s a pain in the “otaku” when you spend the time to get the episodes only to find that they are a total waste of time, and i’m sure you know how that feels, you begin thinking to your self “If i had only spent the time downloading Ergo Proxy instead of this!”

    About ultraman, i was wondering around in Japanese forums that has the keyword “torrent” in them until i found an English forum with a link to the ultraman episode, i only found one episode but it’s worth it, i’m glad i had the chance to watch such a show, and at the same time see Japanese actors in real life action. I can send you the episode if you want to along with the death note episodes, i hope you have a google account since they’re going to take so much space.

    Kudos for the Zaion review.

  2. you are into Japanese Animations!! Nice!
    I am Ranze Eto (from Tokimeki Tunaito) heehee you know her?

  3. Duckie

    The M code what the hell are you rambling about? La o kil hatha o moshaifa the anime ba3ad. Are you simply flaunting? As for Serial Experiment Lain, for amateur watchers any anime with loose ends a few encyclopedia excerpts, and an overly perplexing organization of events will make them go “gasp oh wow! superb anime”- and its mostly due to the fact that the anime challenges their sense of comprehension, so if they didn’t get it and it’s all that confusing then it must be good! And they plaster on thousands of forums trying to solve THE mystery of enterpreting it- china tgool it’s the quest for the holly grail 7asha! In a nutshell, simple anime plots with deep characters are much more harder to construct just like short stories are harder to write than novels.

  4. I’m talking to the blogger not to you duckie, please mind your own business.

  5. Duckie

    Then just send him an email if you didn’t expect anyone else to comment, it’s a forum I’m free to say whatever I please =)

  6. I did ask him for his email on my previous comment, but maybe you don’t have eyes. And no you’re not free to disrespect other people telling them they’re rambling and flaunting. But It’s impossible, i can’t reason with someone who’s mind is similar to this guy’s:

    Even the image is called lame duck. Take care Duckie.

  7. Marzouq, as soon I finished reading your review I was about to leave a comment, but then I read THE[M]Code’s comment. Then Duckie’s response, and I got into drawn their “niqaash”. After that, I read Ansam’s comment and completely lost my train of thought. Me sorry :P

    First of all, I don’t see anything wrong with the graphics. It actually looks kinda’ cool. It reminds me of the graphics from Wolf’s Rain. That said, I’m only judging from the one picture that you have up :P

    The way this anime is developed its too fast and in too short a time.

    Thanks! That was a biiig help. It’s annoying when you watch an anime series and after getting into it, realize it’s not all that.

    this is one of the worst anime’s I have seen yet.

    Ok. You’ve cemented it. I’m not going anywhere near it :P

    Also wanted to ask you if you’ve seen this anime. Well it’s Korean so it can’t exactly be called anime but whatever. Damn it. I forgot the name. I’ll have to get back to you on that heh Please bear with :P

    Ducki– Please don’t be rude. You’re right. You are entitled to your own opinion and such but you shouldn’t go around attacking people like that. There is a polite and tactful way to share your point of view.

    Marzouq, sorry for the long comment :P

  8. Thank God I read the last line before reading from the start! :p That’s all I had to read lol..

  9. Duckie


    Drunk_n_Gorgeous, Yes Ma’am

    M Code, I loved the pic! loooool Anyway I’m not a guy, I’m a gal, couldn’t you tell with all the hormonal fusion?! =P I dunno why your comment ticked me off yesterday.

    Zouq dont you just love me? I always spice things up here!

  10. Duckie

    Oh yes and I almost forgot… click on the WHAT button, you’ll find his email there. See? You should change the lame duckie to a nice duckie now =D hehehehe

  11. Good Duckie! *gives the duckie a cookie*

    Yalla Marzouq, hit me back, bro. Ya3ny minhom ;)

    So many anime fans. Dontcha’ just feel the love.

  12. The[M]Code: There are some other animes out there which leave you with an impression! They are fantastic, I really liked Lain as well, it really gets you going! I haven’t started Ergo Proxy yet and waiting to start it! Your completely right about it, its horrible when you waste time on a bad anime, you think you could have watching something else instead!!!! I would like the deathnote episodes for sure!!! trying

    Ansam: looool! Isn’t that an old anime! hehehe

    Duckie: Its a good anime but there are others out there which I think are great!!

    The[M]Code: looool! Duckie is just giving an opinion as well! hehehe! She has other things she likes! hehehe! My email is blog(at)

    DnG: looooooool! The picture of the anime looks cool yes, but the quality isn’t consistent in the anime! and like I said not worth watching! I enjoy long comments so anytime you feel like go ahead!

    N.: loooool!

    Duckie: hahahaha!

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