Accidental Days!


I just found this information out! In Kuwait by law you are allowed 6 accidental days off, meaning days you don’t show up to work and don’t need a doctors note. There are some details regarding those days, to be an accidental day it can only be one single day and not two days, if its two days it will not be considered accidental.

With that you can take a day off without a reason and it can be considered accidental! Its nice to know these labor laws sometimes you can take advantage of them! I’m not sure this applies to both expats and Kuwaitis! There are some points to clear out! Great accidental days!

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  1. isn’t it called “3arathy” or something like that
    6 days a year, right?

  2. Purgatory72

    I do not remember that being mentioned for all sectors, can you find the law and attach to a post please?

    I know each company has its own systems and so do minstries.

  3. it’s 4 emergency leaves per year, kuwaitis only.

  4. at least that’s the way it is in ministries but it varies from one place to another. As well as a maximum of 14 medical leaves and if you do exceed they start deducting days depending on the number of days you took off, though I’m sure there are exceptions.

  5. emergency leaves are usually with pay

  6. its 4 days in the government sector and its not Kuwaiti only ,

    in the private sector is something else depending on company regulation , as far as i know , some do not have these type of days

  7. you can take casualties, or as u call them accidentals, as a maximum of 6 separate days in total in any twelve month period from employment BUT also must have your manager approval on it. I work in private sector and that applies to me.

  8. I forgot to mention that where I work I get six days of fully paid sick leaves.. and those 6 days I mentioned above will be subtracted from the sick leave ones.

  9. as per the private sector law, the 1st 6 days you get them fully paid. The 2nd 6 days are 75% paid. The next 6 days are 50% paid, the next are 25% paid and so on. This applies to ALL private sector companies. bare in mind this is the minimum requirment meaning some companied may give you more, yet no company can give you less than the above.

  10. As far as I know, the law of the company you work for overrules any government labor law.. unless someone can prove me wrong, please do!

  11. n: usually in the private sector contracts, they list out a their work regualtions and the last clause is a blanket statement that says, “anything not covered is as per Kuwait Labor law”, this means if they don’t explicitly state the amount of accidental leaves (or 3arathi) then Kuwait Labor law applies.

  12. Laialy: I think it is 6 days a year!

    Purg: I’m sure about the post, this is what an HR person told me! And its the case at NBK and all banks!

    Pearls: hmmmmm, not sure about that! It applies to all in the banks! Regarding the medical there has to be special circumstances for certain cases! and not all emergency leaves are with pay!

    forzaq8: hhmmm from the private sector I heard 6 days!

    ansam: hhhmmmmm, define manager approval! lol!

    Shopa: thank you for clearing that up!

    N: so company laws can break Kuwaiti law.. hmmmmm

    Don Veto: thanks for more info! I remember reading that too!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: I don’t handle anything! I just heard this! hehehe

  13. 6 days a year?? Well in Finland you have 3 you call sick, but 4th you need a doctor’s order written down for you to rest!

    So if you work in Finland you can call sick every second month and just don’t show up for 2 days!!! ;) Now I find that much more fun!!! :D

    I should check how many are you allowed a year!

  14. I don’t think companies can break the Kuwaiti law unless it gives you more rights. If your company made you sign a contract in which you get less what the Kuwaiti law grants you, you can report it to the Minisitry of Social affairs.

  15. i work for the ministry of finance.. and as far as i know, we are allowed 4 days per year with this so called “accidental days” =|
    not 6.. maybe it is 6 and they’r stealing our 2 days =P

  16. Marzouq heehee
    ya3ni be on his good sign so he can sign the one leave day without medical report :-P

  17. Nora: damn, so Finland you can take-off a few more days!

    shopa: you do have a very good point, it should be more rights then less!

    Berserk-KW: I’m not sure!! looool! This something I need to clarify!

    Ansam: seriously I wish it was that simple!

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