Both Gone



Today was the first time I had to depart with both Robo and Pyro at the same time. Tristar came in the afternoon after I called them in the morning, two things to deal with, one is an issue and the other is an upgrade.

Robo has problem with the clutch being too stiff and it isn’t working right so that needs to be looked at and they told me when they would be doing that which I don’t mind.


Pyro is getting a full exhaust system upgrade and ECU upgrade to go with it, they have had the parts for the past week and a half. Whats crazy is how fast they will put it together, and it isn’t an easy install either it has lots of fasteners. They will bring back Robo by Wednesday evening, and I will have a before and after dyno chart to know the power of the full exhaust system which is great.

So I get Pyro back before the weekend but they will keep Robo for diagnosis!

















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  1. *in a baby like voice*
    auh, is shomeone (someone) mishing (missing) his babieeeeeeees

  2. enshalla you’ll get them back soon! :)

  3. Hope you get them back soon upgraded and trouble free, bass how r u gonna move around now???

  4. heyyy,, don’t tell me u’ll not ride on pyro on Friday?!! just don’t exceed 270km/h and u’ll be fine lol

    and i wanna hear it with the termi’s plzzz

    hope robo will get well soon with the minimum $$

  5. Katie

    I’m sure they will take good care of your very hot babies!

  6. Missy-TheOriginal

    Vampire, 270km/h?!?! Are you crazy?! lol so this what you guys do on Fridays? hehehe. Anyway, madri personally I dont think it’s a good idea; you shouldn’t ride the bike even if it has a minor problem =) It’s only a matter of days o bitgizoon lain tishbi3oon =)

  7. Laialy: yes very much so! It feels as if something is missing! Hopefully soon!

    N: Thanks, I hope so too!

    eliedh: I don’t know! I have the Land but I know I’m going away for the weekend so its ok!

    vampire: Thanks, I hope so too! There is some fixing, and the sound will be great for sure!

    Katie: They are hawt! hehehe

    Missy: Sometimes you just don’t notice, its like flowing with the wind! hehehe! :)

  8. I’m so excited to see Pyro’s new look!!! And I hope Robo comes back better than new!!! I respect your love to your two boys so much! Not many have that real love that you show in the way you rite about them!!! I’m so glad I did meet you because I find you as some one who understands how I feel!!! :D

    Ps; I’m so in love with Robo!!! He is a real work of beauty! Pyro is beautiful too now with all those updates you have put him through!

  9. Nora: Its always about that feeling of passion towards my motorcycles!! There is a bond between me and them!! Can’t help lovin them!

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