Micro Mosquito Helicopter


This is one of the funkiest little helicopters I have seen yet. It is tiny compared to its picture and meant for indoor use and its great to annoy people around the office or flying it all over the place inside your home. It has double rotors and its the world’s smallest, lightest, quietest, fully-functional RC helicopter. You just have to charge it for 45 minutes for 7 minutes of flying time. It can take off from anywhere, literally from the palm of your hands! It goes for 50 pounds which is pretty good for something with this much design and engineering put into such a small object.

Link: Firebox

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  1. lfc-q8

    damn i realy want this but its only sold in radio shack usa i tried radio shack kuwait and its not there :(

  2. lfc-q8: Order it from firebox! They can do it!

    Laialy: yes!! Attacks all over the office!

  3. Nora: yup, I have something in mind as well!

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