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Essentially Surface is a high powered computer built into a beautiful looking table with a 30-inch touch sensitive screen that can recognize objects placed on it. Using dynamic touch, infrared cameras, and physical objects, users can order food, browse photos, load their Zune with music, play games and a lot more. While it would be great to have one of these as the new coffee table in the house, Microsoft is targeting retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues with a price range of $5,000 to $10,000.


This technology has been around for a little while now being developed for custom applications for military, government, and corporate customers. Currently Microsoft has taken this technology and applied it to this new idea of a product. They are aiming for certain business consumers rather then regular consumers, but they will have regular consumers who will want to get their hands on this, it just really reminds me of the Minority Report. Check out the video link below it has some pretty funky features.

Link: Brightcove



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  1. you’re late :P

    Seriously now this thing is great, there is a youtube video with a “popular mechanics” preview of the table, they take a pic of a guy, put it on the surface, the “table” automatically detects the camera and put it on the screen, then they put a cell on the table and drag the pic to the cell that automatically downloads it!!!

    My friend has a “selling” class (technique de vente in french) and he chose to sell the surface to the teacher in his final project so I am helping him prepare for it! the only bad thing is that he can’t show her the surface “live”!

  2. i have seen that clip,, it was jaw dropping

  3. too bad it’s not a fully functioned pc. but hey, it’s a start! in like 5-8 years, these things will most likely be accessible to anyone [i hope].

  4. Biohazard

    I’d get it, but it looks like it’d hurt my back with all that bending over.. :|

    I’ll pass!

    (I know I can’t afford it..)

  5. You’re a little too late. I, too, think that Microsoft will be announcing similar solutions for home and office use. Very innovative, very stylish and very modern. I can’t wait to see these things in action.

    I just wonder if it’ll say something like ‘move it fatty’ if someone sat on it.

  6. eliedh: thats great that your working on the project with your friend! I know I’m late but I’m curious as to how its going to be! It really does remind me of the minority report!

    vampire: yup!

    Fhaid: Its something different, not just PC use! It has to be accessible to normal consumers in less then 2 years gauranteed!

    Biohazard: loooooool! Thats what I was thinking!

    Ti3gib: looool! Move it fatty! hehehe

    Ansam: funky!

  7. We had that in news few months ago!!! I’m so excited to see it in real life and action though… As they explained it’s perfect for restaurants and ordering! So I hope I will be that in the next few years! ;)

  8. N: It will be interesting for sure, I’m curious as to how they are going to incorporate it into the norm of things!

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