Quick Prep


Just running around finishing up a few things before getting on the plane. I didn’t pack the night before since I’m only there less then a day.

This is my check list that I’m going through:

  • Tickets – Check
  • Hotel Booking – Check
  • Passport – Check
  • Cash – Check
  • Laptop – Check
  • Camera – Check
  • MP3 Player – Check
  • Phone – Check
  • Chargers – Check

Places to go after meeting:

  • Movies
  • Meat Company (Never been there before)
  • Emirates Mall

I packed pair of everything just to make sure I have a back-up if I need, I’m pretty sure of what I’m wearing and I’m taking this really small bag with me, it looks bigger then it is. I usually use it as a carry on in the US, so I hope they will let me carry it while on the plane.

Thats about it for me, going back and forth real quick!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. be safe,, and hope u don’t forget ur socks

  2. 1- troo7 w trid bisalama
    2- I don’t really know how many hours you’re gonna be there, and seeing that you want to go to the Emirates Mall, which is a HUGE mall, i think you should check it’s website, and see the stores you like in there, save them in a draft in your mobile or whatever, so when you’re there, you know exactly where to go!
    3- Lol for a moment there when reading the post the “check” thing reminded me of friends … ah the nostalgia!
    4- It’s a bit hard to find places at Meat & Wine Co. [they’re the same right?], so i don’t know you might have some time dilemma.

  3. OK 3aneed!! :-P
    Have a great time whether you go to the movie theater or not

  4. vampire: didn’t forget!!

    fhaid: alah esalmik! I will manage around the mall! hehehe! Friends is gold! I will find somewhere to eat! hehehe!

    Laialy: alah esalmich!

    pearls: where is that?

    Ansam: yup! looooool! I gotta see my movie!

  5. Best of luck, o bel salama enshalla!

  6. Duckie

    Nando’s Chicken is a famous restaurant, originally created in South Africa after the Peri-Peri grilled chicken rave. Two friends opened the restaurant in 1987 but only recently it grew in the UK. Naturally they’re specialized in grilled chicken and famous Peri-Peri recipe. The Peri-Peri recipe is a popular Mozambique-Portugese chicken style that used to be fed to Gold diggers a veeeeeeeeeeery long time ago. The food in the restaurant is really spicy and I usually take anti-acids afterwards although I usually order the MILD kind but naturally it’s the BEST chicken restaurant in my opinion. They put the chicken inside pita bread with sauce and usually everyone digs with their hands without forks hehe…

    They’re opening Nando’s in Kuwait soon in the Avenues =)

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