Back And Rumbling!


That was the quickest service I have seen yet, since it was an upgrade and not a diagnostic run Tristar brought back Pyro in less then 24 hours, to be exact 23 hours. They picked up Pyro at 6:30pm on Tuesday with Robo and they dropped Pyro off on Wednesday at 5:40pm with a sexy tail. The first thing I did was to put on some gear and take him for a spin around the block.



The Termignoni is nothing short of amazing, and you feel an extra grunt in the middle which is perfect. I wasn’t expecting it to sound like that, it really has that rumble to it. Its fantastic, and I’m extatic about this upgrade, it took all the will power I had not to ride hard or for a distance since I’m still waiting for the new tire from Zed Motors.

After starting the engine this is what I felt “ ITS ALIVE!!!











A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sin

    Pyro –
    visuals – monster
    audio – (for me to find out)

    keep the upgrades coming, you’ll probably end up making it look like something out of a transformers movie. ;p

  2. lol @ Sin’s comment about transformers. Sure it would be “alive” alright! Awesome awesome, not much more to say! It is great the service you get is quality service, That sure must be wonderful.

  3. lfc-q8

    mashala mashala its a beauty, just ride safe and good luck

  4. Hey Marzouq great cans ! yeah the Termigs can add an extra growl to the Duc. Is there a dyno testing center in kuwait ?

  5. thats a real sexy bike :) enjoy your ride and stay safe.

  6. i wanna heaaaar
    try posting a video with sound ^_^

  7. Jafar

    TriStar has a state-of-the-art test Bench called FUCHS.The best money can buy

  8. Sin: Pyro is one striking machine! Seriously should turn into a transformer when I’m done with him! The rumble is amazing, we shall see what we can do for a meet!

    N: hehehe! I can’t stopping modding any project I’m working on! It has to be done right!

    Pearls: Thanks!

    Vampire: loooool!

    lfc-q8: thanks!

    Mathew: I have the dyno results and will be posting them up, Tristar has a really good dyno!

    Amu: Thanks! Will do!

    Laialy: I will try posting up a video of the sound!

    Jafar: yup, but it needs some tweaking!

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