Laptop Hard Drive Failure


This is one hard drive I wasn’t expecting to fail as it did. This is my Alienware m3450 which is less then a year old, I don’t use it 1/4 as much as I use my Dell Latitude for work. The one part I was happy about was Alienware’s support, I registered online about the problem and they sent me the RMA details as well as details of what they are going to do. They will replace it completely if it has completely failed, which it has because I could hear the HD head has crashed, you can hear the clicking so that means it has been a physical failure.


I asked them not to install anything since I want to install Vista Ultimate on the laptop and work on it from there. I wish shipping was as fast and as easy as it is in the states, but that just isn’t the case. I’m also happy I backed-up a lot of things on laptop from a couple of weeks ago, so I only lost a few downloads which isn’t too bad. I was just really surprised that it failed since its so new.


  • Seagate Momentus 5400.3 160 GB



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  1. I’ll tell you why! .. thats because it was run under a crappy OS and a crappy hardware .. all what’s happening to you lately are signs to let you know that it’s time to switch :)

  2. ouch! man, I feel ya :/ Hopefully you’ll get it back quick!

  3. crack open a WD external drive and use the 2.5″ drive in your laptop. When Alienware sends you a new drive .. put it in the case; I did that last month with my sony.

  4. G-Funk: looooool! Man Apple uses the same hardware!!!! hehehe! I will get the ultra thin Mac Book later! hhehehe

    offmyhead: cool

    Laialy: loool, just needs a little CPR! hehehe

    N: yeah its annoying when that happens!

    K: hhmmm didn’t think about that, but my HD is almost here then I’m going to install Vista on it since it isn’t a main PC and see how things go!

  5. Marzouq : man you should consider a switch sooner than later . the more you stay on the windows side of things , the more you’ll be in the dark. add to that more headaches and having to deal with conflicts and DLL’s.. GOOD LUCK !!!

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