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After finishing up the meetings in the morning in Dubai Internet City and I went straight to Mall of the Emirates to go walk around there. Whats great is I remember where I wanted to go but I was surprised that there were some shops I didn’t remember from last time and it was packed with people. I love walking around there, it really is endless and bigger then I remembered. My feet were sore from walking around so much, but I didn’t have enough time but at least I managed to go see a movie.


Then I packed up and went to the airport, the best part was that I managed to avoid the traffic usually associated with traffic. I have to say the construction is non-stop, and I don’t think they will ever stop at this rate. I went straight to the checkin desk at the Emirate Airlines, I was happy I only had a carry-on and they pointed me to the excess baggage counter since there were huge lines for the economy check-in. It was great the plane’s economy class was half-empty but the business was full. The airport was organized which was great, but the mess was landing in Kuwait since they unloaded us into buses and the bus driver was horrible. There were a large amount of people at immigration, baggage claim, and the parking lot. The only thing I was happy about at that moment is that it isn’t humid in Kuwait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Biohazard

    I like the angle in the second pic, I can see the stairs, the roof, the floor, the two sides.. kudos if you took it.

    Anyway what I really care about is movies, review it damn it!

  2. LooL
    that last part about humidity reminded me of something funny
    anyways, welcome back ^_^

  3. Well welcome back buddy, I hope it was a successful trip…business wise.

    Emirate’s Airline is really great; I have been on board it like couple of times. I really want to go to Dubia…so many malls to see.

  4. Welcome back.. I was waiting to read I didnt have the time to go to the movies! How evil of me lol

  5. Biohazard: Didn’t take it, I like it too though! I didn’t have that kind of lens on me! Will be reviewing!

    Laialy: looool! thanks!

    Angelo: Thanks! Yeah it was good, but a bit long for just one day!

    Ansam: loooool! Will post more info soon!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks!

    N: Alah Esalmik!

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