Phones Prices Kuwait June 07


Nokia 6110 Navigator

Price: 180 KD


Sony Ericsson S500i

Price: 95 KD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I heard the Nokia 6110 navigator has alot of software issues…..

  2. :: KD180 is too much for this mobile. Im sure the batter will die depending on the usage of the navigator.

    I dont like the S500i

  3. Amu: I’m not sure, one user I know has it and he doesn’t think its bad!!

    Frankom: I agree I would wait until it drops before trying it! Really you don’t like the S500i?

  4. I just bought 2 S500i’s but both weren’t for me LOL! Some can say that when it comes to mobiles and techie stuff I tend to spoil those around me! And I got them from AlGhanim for 94.751KD hehe a sexy price I couldn’t believe it.

    It’s a hot fone I liked it, started to tease me into shifting to SE.

  5. Jacqui: Whats cool is that you can still haggle them a bit on the outside. I still think SE has a better interface overall, Nokia has better feature but the problem is with stability.

  6. Diana Jimenez

    I love S500i ! the first time i saw it in the shop i can’t take my eyes off it…. its very cute and i fel it fits to me hehehehe

  7. Dash

    The most mobile I like is E65 then the navigator

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