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Power Out at Work


This is probably one of the most annoying things to happen while at work. Today around noon the power went out in a block in Shuweikh. Some buildings around the area had power, but other buildings didn’t have power. They say it wasn’t Tarsheed just randomly shutting down areas instead it was problem they were having.

The building slowly got hotter and hotter, I was running between two buildings since the phones were out. We were making phone calls on our cell phones. Only those of us who had laptops could still do some work, and those who had desktops couldn’t really do anything. What was becoming unbearable was the heat, at least outside you are moving but inside when your sitting down working, and the heat is increasing. By 3:30pm I couldn’t be productive anymore since my laptop power was about to come to end and I got enough of the heat and decided to head out early. I’m not even sure when the power was going to come back up.