Same Time


I think that I am close to burning out but I’m not sure! Yesterday wasn’t hectic as much as there was a lot to do during work and after work, and a lot of what I was doing was pleasure but at the cost of rest! I have been running on low battery and I’m sure where the energy is coming from but I was doing a lot.

I was king of Multi-Tasking!

This is what was going on and what I did parallel:

  • Work until 5:30pm – Lots of meetings, talking, emails, paperwork and driving from meetings
  • Got home found packages (HD & Desk Mount)
  • Installed New Replacement HD in Laptop and began Vista Install
  • Started putting together the Desk Mount since its in lots of parts and requires concentrated assembly
  • Tristar delivered Robo back to my care
  • Test road Robo around the block
  • Continued Vista Install
  • Mount the Desk Mount on my desk after drilling it
  • Finished Vista install
  • Mounted two E228WFP screens to the Ergotron Desk Mount
  • Washed up and went to dinner with some friends because I had to go for a special occasion
  • Its 1 am and I’m still up and I have be at work at 7:45 am

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    you need to get married to slow down.

  2. Oi. Don’t listen to Corolla Man, getting married will burn you out faster than you can say ‘wife’. Ask me about it. I work till 4:30 and my eyes are either glued to the screen or i’m out n about working on this and that.

    Know how you feel like man. But there’s something good about marriage, when you come home all worn out…the wife will make you feel like a new man. ;)

    Get your mind outta the gutter..I meant massages and all that loving care. :P

  3. Laialy: I’m still feeling tired!!

    Corolla Man: loooool! like you? hehehe

  4. sounded like an entertaining day after work,,

  5. Care to show pics of the mount in different setups ?

  6. Wow, talk about work! That’s pretty intense! You get used to it after time though don’t you! Which I don’t really consider a good thing hehe.

  7. vampire: he is in very good condition!!!

    TI3GIB: a full post will be coming, its huge thats why I was taking it east!

    N: You get used to it but sometimes you just don’t have the energy to do keep on going!!!

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