Bikeboard Water Freeride


I have probably flipped and hurt myself a million times trying to ski for years. The only thing I was decent in and I really enjoyed was wake boarding. Now this is an interesting product for Kuwait since we are very much into watersports, the Bikeboard Water from Swissboard is a new product for those who like water sports. This is a cross between water skiing and stand-up type jet ski. For $958 this is one hell of product to use in the water, it gets towed by a boat and steering is as you see from the picture, probably really enjoyable as well.


Link: OhGizmo

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Man…wakeboarding is much more fun! I used to do it, but unfortunately can’t find anyone with a boat to tow me around hehe.
    Do you have your own wakeboard? What type?

  2. The fun you have in wakeboarding is not comparable to anything else. This past weekend I was with few friends on a boat trip, a friend had a donut that was fun too but not as much as wakeboarding.

  3. i like wakeboarding that u sit on ur knees!!

  4. Jafar

    This thing looks a little dangerous with many extended metal parts in case of a fall

  5. woow 9ej 9ej ybeila !! great idea walla .. bas law ilprice eshway aqel a7san ya3ni 200-250 its reasonable !

  6. R: I used to have the Hyperlite board and I started wakeboarding first in Italy then kept at it for a bit in San Diego, I’m still bad at it but I really enjoy it!!

    Amu: yes, wakeboarding is something else when you get it right!

    vampire: the is kneeboarding!!!! I hate kneeboarding, it hurts my knees!

    Jafar: its as dangerous as anything else in the water really!

    eshda3wa: same here, I would like to try it out!

    daloom: yeah its a bit pricey but I’m assuming its because of the quality of the materials used and craftmanship!

  7. now i can’t do any kind of watersports due to my back injury (-_-) ““

  8. Not a huge fan of water sports, but I do agree that it looks like a lot of fun!

  9. vampire: salamaat! Yeah it sucks!

    Laialy: yup!

    N: I really do enjoy water sports, but the problem is how many times I fall before getting it right! hehehe

    Nora: yup!

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