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This is one store that I can’t help but walk into every time I pass by in Mall of the Emirates. It reminds me of my childhood sitting there for hours a day putting together those Tamiya and Kyosho cars and trucks. I think I learned my first abilities for skidding by manipulating these vehicles and making them do things they aren’t supposed to do. I still find them extremely fun if I get to control them, I just think that I don’t have the time to put one together. I never had a chance to mess around with helicopters or airplanes since they were very expensive and could do a person damage if they make a mistake. The reason I liked having cars from one brand is because I could always use one vehicle as spare parts for the other one, the problem I had was putting too much power and the gears couldn’t take it. The fun part was seeing the vehicle sliding around when they take off.







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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Did you find RC dirt cars? it will be amazing there is, or Corolla???

  2. i’d go crazy inside a hobby shop like this ! :D
    by the way, does anyone know the name of the shop in Hawally where they sell Mobile suit Gundam or other anime figures ? I’d like to buy a couple of kits.

  3. This is one of the only reasons that make me sometimes wish i lived in Dubai.

  4. Corrolla Man: looooool! No Corollas and if there was I wouldn’t tell you!

    mathew: ur kidding me! There is a shop in Hawally that sells those? I would buy for sure!

    lebinbah: the variety of consumer products is nice!

  5. No kidding ! this guy at my office mentioned it once. dont remember the name, goes something like Hobby Japan or Hobby Tokyo. it seems they also sell anime Dvds. I’ll check it out this weekend and let you know.

  6. I think I saw a store like that in muthana. I can’t quite be certain, but these are rare gem stores and are hard to come by!

  7. That is adults’ hobby in Europe! I think I know so many adults that get such things put them together then drive, fly… etc… around!!! I think it’s fun!! :P

  8. Mathew: I need to find out where the hell that is! Do let me know where it is!

    N: I heard about the muthana one but not sure about the one mathew is talking about!

    Nora: yeah it is a lot of fun!

  9. rithwiq

    im gonna tell my papa to buy a buggy.i gave him the map to shop,address,hobby centers home
    (www.hobbycenter.com.i born in uae living in india.now.

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