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The Sahara Golf Club really doesn’t feel like it is something available in Kuwait, it is a very well done Golf Course which caters to its members. You have to be a member to play there, but there was nobody to ask questions. They had other services, I like the whole design and the application of the wood in the interior but I felt the rooms themselves were a bit tacky. Overall I think it is heaven for any Golf play and if they had good food then people would like eating there as well.


What is there:

  • Golf Course
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Tennis Court
  • Squash Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Villa Rentals


  • Two Bedroom with Pool – 165 KD per day on the weekend
  • One Bedroom – 140 KD per day on the weekend





































A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Angel_Of_Deth

    can i ask for directions? ’cause i need to see it to believe it !!! it looks nice and an interesting place to check out.

  2. In all your pictures I only saw two people! What did you do with the rest, or did you sneak in and take pictures, there’s no one there (except for those two guys)! Looks like quite a nice place to be if you enjoy golfing.

  3. i’ve never heard of it @@
    maybe i should join and work on my putting and swing :p

  4. Isn’t it a bit hot for golf? What happens to the place in the summer,
    will people just go and rent a room to use the pool?

  5. i have a special offer haahaahaa “

    they should build a race track instead if they want to make good money

  6. wow… I’ve never heard of it before. Its amazing, looking cool and the views are lovely. I like it.
    Thank you

  7. Angel_Of_Deth: it is right next to the Equestrian Club, it is a little bit hidden but you can find it!

    Stallion: looool! No clue!

    N: It was early friday morning didn’t think anyone would be there, and its a big golfcourse so they were playing probably! I wanted a driving range!

    Laialy: hehehe, I need to work on my swing! I can get it going but no aim whatsoever!

    1001: People play early in the morning! Thats whats happening!

    vampire: they wouldn’t attract the right clientle! hehehe

  8. Jafar

    It is a nice place considering the high cost of up-keping the greens.
    It is located in Sabhan off Highway 6th exit Equesterian club.The gate is 100 meters before the Equesrtrian club.
    They also have a hotel facility as private villas.Single room with facilities & double room with private sweeming pool.
    My wife & i sayed in the double room with another about 6 weeks ago for the wekend.Was nice and the weather still cool.Also breakfast was acceptable.
    Best of all the Greens Manager is also a biker with an off-road KTM

  9. tartar

    I’m a member there and usually the only one in the gym working out. Sometime I see ppl usually who are renting the chaleah. It is always like that empty, most members either diplomats or executives and GM of the biggest company in Kuwait.
    It is a luxurious club, you have to complete an application, which will be send to the owner of the club (2 Kuwaiti owners), and if you are not up to the standers then you’re not in. The 5 restaurants running by Hilton hotel. The spa comparing to other spas in Kuwait is very expenicse, for example the same massage done in Spa Time for 25KD , the club’s spa will charge 39 KD and this is the inexpensive one ;P

  10. I saw the place before it was completely done a year and half ago in a field trip. I think they have separate gyms for men and women if I’m not mistaken and separate swimming pools. What I didn’t like was that the men’s pool and gym were in a good location with a nice view, but the ladies is in the basement with no windows (wayid qamta)…

  11. jewaira

    Looks lovely

  12. tartar

    actually it is not a men gym, I always work out in it.
    even the indoor pool, specific days a week for women and some for men

  13. WOW we have a golf club in Kuwait…that’s brand new information to me. It looks quite good but not as green as the one in Dubai…but still better than nothing.

    Didn’t you have the chance to swing a club or two?

  14. puka

    hey guys where is extact direction for this sahara gulf club..?

    Do we need Membership in order to get in..?

    or there is a Entry feee.??

  15. Jafar: Your completely right for the price of membership I think you get a lot of options. Compared to other golf clubs across the world this is relatively cheap. I hope the Greens Manager doesn’t ride his KTM on the course!

    tartar: Very interesting so it goes to the owners for approval and the restaurants are run by the Hilton Hotel. I think its a mixed gym up top!

    dishevelled: I didn’t see two swimming pools, I just saw what I did while walking around. The top gym is a mixed gym, they have mixed gym and pool, and they have a woman’s gym, not sure about the pool.

    jewaira: Its very nice!

    Angelo: I didn’t get a chance to swing, I just “swung” by hehehe, was just checking it out!

    puka: Its right next to the equestrian club, I need to draw a map, directions just won’t do. No entry fee, but you have to be a member to use the facilities except for the spa!

  16. H

    My parents mishtarkeen bil gym and they love it. I went with them once it was really nice, and really quiet and empty. like the whole place was to ourselves!! I wonder if it will get crowded in the future..

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  18. طرفة

    I’m a member there (for the second year now).

    My take: If you don’t play (or want to play) golf then it would be a big waste of your money. No real value from the available facilities.The food sucks and VERY expensive.The management wanted to keep it “execlusive”, it turned out to be very “execlusive” for the Koreans!!

    The golf course however is well maintained and floodlighted! So you can enjoy playing when it cools off at night. Amazing during winter, especially when you start your round at 7:30am! The chalets are nice for weekends, they over look the golf course with pools in some of them.

    Bottom line: Yes for golf and chalets, big NO for gym and other facilities.


  19. austin

    how much is the membership and do you think it will be easy for me to join .i am a 11 handicap looking to work in q8 as sales manager for lexus

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  21. Masoud Al Fuhaid

    Actually, there are four owners. Two Publicaly listed Kuwaiti companies and 2 individual owners. I am one of them. There are 10 pools in sahara. The 2 bedrooms chalets each has its pool. Two 25 meters Mixed & One for ladies @ the basement level. Ladies have their own exclusive spa (with everything).

    Anyone can be a member. We have 536 members to date. So its not only Koreans. Because the resort is huge (650000 Sqm) you will always get the feeling its empty. Any first class (gym only) in Kuwait will charge you 1100 annual. We charge 1200 KD for everything except golf. The best thing about the place, PRIVACY.

    Come & Join ………its built for members.

  22. David Brown

    I will be moving to Kuwait in August with my family – wife and 2 kids, ages 12 and 9.
    Is the Club open to kids? Do they have full access to all the amenities?
    How far is the Club from the middle of Kuwait, for example, from the American School?
    Also, anyone have information on the Equestrian Club? I like to golf, but my wife prefers horseback riding :)

    Any info is appreciated.

  23. Jo Goldblatt

    Hi there.

    If anyone is interested in the membership at this fantastic facility or would like to come down and try the facility out send me an email.

    [email protected]

    I have worked for Sahara for a few months and think its really incredible, it is exclusive, however value for money.

    The Golf course is beautiful, nothing you would expect in the desert, and the complete club house with all our facilities will meet all your needs in a professional and personal manner – giving you the opportunity to enjoy them, whether it is just you or with your family too.

  24. Thanks for the link.. I think I will visit there again… to check out a few things!

  25. Remarco

    Cheating the public, nothing unusual extreamly expensive membership low standerd food & expensive rooms

  26. Kristy

    ..This place is very interesting..May I apply as Fitness Instructor in the gym???? Please notify me asap..Im very interested….


    When is the Ladies Open Golf championship in Kuwait.
    We have a group who would like to come


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