Suit Hunting


So I am going to a friend’s wedding in Egypt this coming weekend and I came to the realization that I don’t have a suit for the occasion. I’m the type of person that really doesn’t like shopping for cloths and that is why I really like dishdashas.

I decided to go for an Ermenegildo Zegna suit since I feel that they have some really nice suits, and they are Italian. You can’t really go wrong with Italian. So I went with my friend to get the suit and see how fast they can make the tailor adjustments to it.

After looking around I went with a Charcoal Suit with grey and light blue pinstripes, with a white a shirt and light blue tie. I was going for something modern, simple and to the point. I knew what I wanted, I wanted to go and out, and finish things up. It did look good, but I also need a shave to complete the whole modern look. I think this will do for the wedding.

Zegna do have some very nice suits, but I rarely have a reason to wear a suit and so it would be a waste to buy some of the other suits, but if I had to I would get some of their very nice suits.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory72

    That suit is too much for Egypt. I would have gone with a simple German suit and kept such suits for more important meetings. Designer suits are power suits, you wear when you want to stress a point.

  2. geo

    next time try lanvin

  3. Real cool, I haven’t checked out the suits in a while! I’m interested in seeing more recommendations from the commenters as well.

  4. malbos el3afia o inshalla arda ma teshtiri (chinna sabba I know.. but I mean well :-P) heehee and have fun in the wedding… and in Egypt :-D

  5. jewaira

    am sure you will look dashing…have a great time :)

  6. Italians are the masters of fashion…nice choice of color..and i bet u look great wearing it…:)

  7. I bought my firest suite for my college interview 6 years ago and I am buying a new one for my graduation next year. It was a waste of money. 250 KD’s for 1 day.

  8. Good Tailor Made Suits on men are hawt.

    I demand pictures!

  9. I’m not bragging or anything but I look really good in suits…it fits my body quite perfectly. I like the charcoal color and after a nice shave you will come to love suits too LOL.

    Have a nice time looking good :)

  10. Purg: I’m going to a good friend’s wedding and its worth it in my opinion. I like the whole look!

    geo: I’ve seen it, too classical for my taste.

    N: Brioni is probably the best but I like Zegna suits too.

    Laialy: hehehehe!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech! looool! It will be interesting for sure!

    jewaira: thank you, will try to enjoy!

    Pearls: don’t know that one!

    MAZE: very true, hopefully it will be good all together!

    mishref: not if its for work, you can use suits when going to meetings or traveling.

    ananyah: looool!

    Aneglo: yup, some guys just have the fit! And it looks damn good! I do like suits, but not in Kuwait! Thanks!

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