My Day


I was having a long day and wasn’t sure if I could head over to my cousin’s place so I asked him if he could come by to my place to grub and watch some Jericho, this was early in the afternoon. I told him the day before that I might have a few things come up, and as it happened everything came up.

Since he is a lazy bum he refused to come over to watch Jericho, and I had no plans for later in the evening but I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. After going through the day I had meetings until 6:50 pm, I called my cousin then to tell him I would come over if he had Shrimp Chow Mein ready for me when I arrive at 9:00pm. After that conversation I headed to over to pick up my suit, and I have to say I look good in the suit overall I just need to shave and every thing will be good. I felt like one of those guys from the Sopranos with their pinstripe suits, and closing only the top button.

Then I went home and I had a few things to finish up, I managed to leave the house at 9:00pm I called to ask him to delay dinner 15 mins. I flew like demon because I was so hungry, my last meal was the day before at 6:20 pm, so all I could think about was the Chow Mein. When I arrived both my cousins were sitting in the basement watching lost, and they were giggling about something. Then they told me the cook was on holiday and there was no food, at that moment I felt like killing both of them. They said they ordered persian food from, I didn’t care I wanted the Shrimp Chow Mein. The food wasn’t there I was walking out and my cousin was chasing after me not believing that I was leaving. At that point I would have settled for McDonalds and headed home, to watch Jericho another day. He ran up after me and he sat in my car and wouldn’t leave. As we were arguing the food arrived and I decided to be stubborn and got down, throughout this whole process I did find my predicament funny but I also wanted to beat them to a pulp. The food wasn’t good at all but I was too hungry to care, and during the second episode of Jericho I passed out but I watched it again at home when I got back. This time they won’t the battle, but they are now going to deal with war!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol, was the food so good that you passed out! Man, I’d take Chow Mein over Persian food any day of the week. It just is on a totally different level.

  2. jewaira

    poor darling! what a miserable evening!

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    when you have your heart set on a certain food or meal and you dont get to eat it everything else just pales in comparison. and when your STARVING not getting what you were craving makes you want to really be a mob boss and put cement shoes on someone! ;p

  4. LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL
    ok, so i know exactly how you feel cause i have cousins who are bums as well and do the same shit to me all the time

  5. Chow Mein does indeed taste damn good and you are craving them, they taste much better. I cannot help but to create the image of your cousins’ devilish giggle when you arrived…it seems they were predicting your anger LOL.

  6. N: I agree with you 100%!

    jewaira: I’m going to cause them tremendous amounts of pain!

    Loca in Kuwait: EXACTLY! Thank you, its just something different! I wanted to kill them! And that is what is going to happen! The Mob Boss is going to come out!

    Laialy: Im going to kill them! This won’t be repeated for sure!!!!

    amer: I’m going to kick your ass! Cousin #2!

    Angelo: They were 100% on the dot, and I’m going to make them regret it!

  7. haw!

    ga9aw 3alaik, la la la, that is unacceptable
    ta3al baitna ana asaweelik chowmein takel 9awab3ik warah
    bs not shrimp
    i cant stand sea food

  8. Zabo0o6a

    in 2 conditions no one aproaches me :
    – when i’m hungry
    – when i’m sleepy
    no ever dares to mess with me cuz i get very fast temper during these 2 situations and if i’m hungry and didn’t get what i want i just go to bed :P

  9. eshda3wa: I think I will take your offer up!! 3aad kint mayit min el yoo3!

    Zabo0o6a: I know what you mean, especially when I’m hungry!

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