Egypt Prep List


I’m taking the usual steps when I travel to make sure I have everything with me that I need. My flight is in the afternoon so in the morning I went to the office to finish up a few things. Then I went for a haircut at 9:00am, and I came back to my house to pack my bags since I didn’t pack anything the other nights.

  • Laptop
  • Business Cards
  • Ticket & Hotel Bookings
  • Camera
  • MP3 Player + New Songs
  • Suit, Shirt, Tie, & Shoes
  • Very Light Clothing (Its Hot in Egypt)
  • Magazines + Book
  • Dropping off my car for service
  • Bathroom Things
  • My Moleskin Pad
  • Wallet
  • Egyptian Cash
  • Chargers (3)

The only airline I could take is Kuwait Airways so I’m hoping that I won’t be delayed too much, they seem to be having strikes these days. If I could I would have avoided flying Kuwait Airways but at this point, I have no choice so I’m crossing my fingers.

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  1. i wish u a nice trip,, i’ll be riding alone then (-_-) “`

  2. Have a safe trip. As always, we’ll be waiting for those awesome pictures ;) What about taking a motorcycle ride from Cairo to Alexandria! That sounds like something cool.

  3. have fun !!
    i havent been to Egypt i ages !
    hope you enjoy it.. w/o ne delays oo da3alah ;p…
    and if im not mistaken, you will be hearing “kol sanah wanta 6ayib” & “ahlan beek.. nawar m9r” min awal your trip till the end.. !

  4. vampire: thanks, take it easy on the riding!

    N: I have a lot of pictures to post for sure, but no way riding in Egypt! That would be insane!

    Peony: Thanks, I haven’t been here since 2002 so its going to be interesting for sure. loooooool!

  5. You travel a lot! =p

    Work or having a holiday?

    Anyway, wish you a safe journey!

  6. Judy Abbott

    please say hi to every egyptian guy and ask them to tell you a joke for me

  7. trou7 oo tred bil salamah enshalla…:)

  8. “Bathroom Things” this should have been on the top of the list :p

  9. have a great time @ the wedding :D

    looking forward to seeing seksi suit pics hahahha

  10. thats nice. It seems like a weekend day trip or something. I wished if you could stay longer and meet for coffee or dinner. Anyway, Welcome to Egypt.
    Maybe will meet someday soon.

  11. egypt?! 3ayal add to that LOTS of dettol wipes ou santizer ;p

  12. Have a safe trip ;-) just one question… on your free time will you be going to the movies? :-P””””””

  13. jewaira

    Hope you’re having a great time.

    For sure your packing list would not be suitable for me…but it is a sensible list and I like the way laptop takes first priority ;)

    Hope you have lots of amusing tales to tell..

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