My Dual Screen Setup




  • LX Dual Monitor Desk Mount
  • 2 x Dell E228WFP Screens

Ergotron LX Dual Montior Desk Mount:

Price: $297.00 (Amazon + Delivery to Kuwait)

Dell E228WFP Screens:

Price: $270

Total Price: $570 (Ebay + Delivery to Kuwait)


I got this idea because I’m always switching between screens and computers to get things done when working on the computer. So this required a bit on disentanglement to get to the correct wiring of all the screens. I have a DVI KVM for all the computers to one screen so for the second screen I directly wired it to the Vista PC for dual screen mode.

I setup dual screen though the Nvidia 7800 GT card and then I installed Ultramon which is a software specifically for Vista dual screen mode and adds extra features of controlling all the windows and how they interact which is fantastic.

Overall it took me an hour to put things together and drill the table to mount the Ergotron LX Dual Monitor Desk Mount, it is one heavy piece of equipment. This whole setup is very worth it when using dual screens, and its a high quality build.

































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  1. Mabrook!

    I think I’m starting to like the vertical screen positions :o

  2. Mashallah, good work! They totally look great, good job getting that done.

  3. It would have taken me probably more than an hour LOL :D

    Anyway, congrats on the dual screen but here is a newbie question for you:

    How do they work? I mean do they work as separate windows…or something…

  4. it’d ‘prolly take me an hour just to get in the mood, and probably another hour trying to figure out wut to do =|

  5. okie

    You sure have got tons of money. Spending money like flowing water.

  6. Katie

    Your desk look very messy… c,”)

  7. Looking very cool indeed. Excellent job!

  8. Sally

    yea..great job… :)

    Angelo, I think it can be used as an extended desktop…as if u have a wide monitor split into two…so, for example, if u have ur desktop in one and then u have too many windows open, u can just drag one into the other monitor..i’ve seen this with the media people and movie editing and all…

  9. Will you marry me? :P Just so that I can use that get up or even just so you can install me one ;P

    Seriously bitchin’ setup! But messy desk ;p

  10. Angel_Of_Deth

    Thats awesome!!! iam inspired to do a similar setup, you save a huge area on the table if the screens are floating!

  11. oh sh!t~! now that would define “cool”

    and messy desk ?! “ i find it very clean and neat

  12. oh yeah,, can u post more PICs plz (^_^) “““

  13. 3baid: alah ebarik ib 7ayatik, It is very nice vertically, you get see websites all in one go, movies are the only thing in wide screen.

    N: Thanks, it took some work but worth it.

    Angelo: Once you get started you just want to get everything up and running to play around with the settings! Once setup is dual screen usage for one PC, and one setup is a PC per screen, its more complicated then it should but its just temporary until I find the right solution.

    Moey: me too! hehehe

    Berserk-KW: hell no, I wanted to get it all put together quickly!

    okia: single + job + good money managment = spare cash

    Katie: You don’t want to see the wires!!! loooool!

    sabah: Thanks, its worth it!

    Amu: yup!

    lfc-Q8: Take the jump!!

    Sally: you are right on the dot with the explanation! Its fantastic for sure!

    Jacqui: looooool! I got too much to make the desk cleaner, not enough space and too many discs. Need to clear that up for sure!

    Angel_Of_Deth: Exactly, when its floating you can do a lot!

    vampire: yup, messy is all relative! hehehe! I had more pictures but I felt that I had to save some! loooooool!

    eliedh: thanks!

  14. wow awesome setup ! better than I imagined it.
    Well worth the effort you put in installing it !

  15. lfc-q8

    Z i took it but long time ago my other screen is a 50″ plasma….only for torrents ;)

  16. LetmeGo

    awesome man! just awesome! thats a lot of screen real estate there.Im sure theres a lot of getting “used” to do.

  17. it looks AWESOME Marzouq
    bss daaaaaaaaaaamn 3indik loyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on your desk
    i can’t work in that kind of enviornment :p

  18. Your desk is so organized but so messy!

  19. jewaira

    lol all the girls think you are messy and all the guys think your get up is cool.

    I think females instinctively want to straighten out a guy’s life :P
    Actually I was wondering about the bulletin board you have behind the screens….

    Anyway, I admire you for working with your hands and mashalah it is a lovely set up

  20. Choice well done!!! ;)

    Ps; I’ve never seen a Kuwaiti man fixing or building something from scratch before!! You make me proud!! :P

  21. mathew: yes very much so, well worth it!

    lfc-q8: nice!!! I think I like this setup, 42 was too big so for me to use a computer on!

    LetmeGo: yeah it does take some getting used to for sure!

    Laialy: looooooooooooooool! alah ebarik ib 7ayatich!

    EniGma: yup! Exactly! hehehe

    jewaira: that is the funny part, I like seeing the different perspectives, and the bulletin board was there since I was 12, I don’t use it much these days but it has memories so I don’t take it down!

    Nora: I used to do that all the time, I still do, I’m very picky about my stuff! If I can do it, I do it!

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