The Arrival


I decided to get something quick to eat at Pizza Expressbefore getting on the plane since I was really hungry, and so I had the cream chicken pizza which was pretty good. There was a decnet amount of people at the airport.

If you can, AVOID flying Kuwait Airways! The staff was very unprofessional except for one person, the plane feels really old in the inside and I think a bunch of kids were having a scream-a-thon in between the cabins. I was lucky I managed to go to sleep, I didn’t think it would be a good thing to eat anything they were offering either.


At one point the pilot warned us to put our seat belts on once every three minutes, it made no sense even the older gentlemen next to me was getting annoyed with him. As we were getting close I didn’t think you could do what this pilot did with this plane. At one point the plane was pointing up, and descending then suddenly he hit the brakes real hard making the plane tilt forward so then at that point the plane is pointing downward and he lowered the gear while the plane is really high up. When it came to the landing, the plane was pointing to the left during the landing so it jolted around when it landed. This pilot had no clue what he was doing, and when there was turbulance he made it feel like we were inside a blender.

The only thing I can say about Cairo Airport is that it reminded me the Friday Market with more people shouting for their bags, it was total insanity.














A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Love the pictures :D

    I adore Pizza Express *drooooool*

    & it was probably a new 1st officer flying the plane…. the captain hardly ever flies the plane ;p~

  2. Eddy

    “The only thing I can say about Cairo Airport is that it reminded me the Friday Market with more people shouting for their bags, it was total insanity.”

    hehe…thnx for the laugh..:)

  3. Zabo0o6a

    belsalama inshalla , we want see pics of u wearing the suit ;)

  4. Mashalla real nice, Egypt is so rich in scenery its amazing! i dont think I’ll ever fly Kuwait Airways again!

  5. those are some really NEAT pictures
    7amdillah 3alla el salamah
    i know what you mean about BAD pilots
    chinhom rakbeen 3arabanah mo 6ayarah

  6. jewaira

    Oh you poor thing! What an experience!
    But I laughed anyway especially at the screamathon! Hehehe

    El7amdullilah 3ala salamah though especially after THAT flight!

    Loved the photos as usual.

  7. maha

    Hate flying with Kuwait airways. It would be my last Choice . any way el7amdella 3ala salamah .. i like your pictures especially number 5 ..

  8. 7imdila 3ala salamat il wisool :-) Enjoy your trip…

  9. ananyah: Pizza Express was good! Captain always flys on other airlines!!

    Eddy: no prob!

    Zabo0o6a: alah esalmich, done!

    N: yes it does have nice scenery! Don’t if you can avoid it!

    Laialy: ee wala 3arabaanah!! Happy you enjoyed the pictures!

    jewaira: yes it was funny as hell, I was laughing at my situation! alah esalmich!

    maha: alah esalmich, yup Kuwait Airways is something to avoid!

    Ansam: alah esalmich!

  10. dia

    I love kids to death But when it comes to flying .. it’s bad enough that U’ve been through hell at the airport .. I remember Last year I had to fly at 7 am and I haven’t Got much sleep the next thing I know A very little kid took my Cute favourite earing from my hand .. I got them anyway

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