Saturday Dewaneya!

As usual I was passing by my cousins dewaneya on saturday night, and it was something I was looking forward to even though I didn’t feel like putting anything in my stomach at that point. As we were sitting down a lot of discussion on different subjects came up, and things were going on as usual with banter going back and forth. At one point some of the guys were badgering my cousin regarding something he promised them, I was intrigued since it was getting entertaining. Then he pulled out one bag, then the other guy asked where was his, then he pulled out a second bag, then the third person asked where was his, and he pulled a third bag. All of that just like he was Santa Claus, I wanted him to pull out another bag just for the hell of it.


I didn’t know what was in the bags but as we were passing them to their recipients I took a look inside the bag and it turned out to be the Philips Bodygroom. I was laughing my head off, they were all getting that machine. I didn’t think that is what they wanted, but it was a funny turn of events. After that they hid it from everyone’s view to make sure if any unknown person walked in they wouldn’t see a bunch of bags with these items inside!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol, that’s quite funny. I saw the adv you posted a while ago, it seems like a good product!

  2. Judy Abbott

    Hehe :) 3eeb.

    how is your tummy?

  3. We went through over 57 body grooms at our diwaniya .. started auctioning them!

  4. LooooooooooooooooooooL
    sawahaaa 9ij
    i like these Sat. diwaniyah posts … shows me what goes on in such places :p

  5. Biohazard

    Were you all wearing white robes with slick hair?

  6. I knew that, when you start talking about passing bags to each other. I just knew that its a Phillips Bodygroom. I thought your the one who supposed to bring it from Dubai.
    thats make me a the perfect fan of your blog, right???

  7. didn’t you get one?

    and what’s so special about it?

  8. N: It seems it might be good, but I’m not sure! hehehe

    Judy: looooool! Not bad, but still hitting me.

    K: looooooooooooooool! Nice!

    Laialy: hehehe, this was something different then usual occurences! hehehe

    Jacqui: hehehe

    Biohazard: where the hell do you think these dewaniyas are? hahaha

    Muh’d M. Mansour: loooooooooool! Damn you still remember from last time! hahaha

    pearls: no I didn’t! When you go to the danger regions it doesnt cut! hehehe!

  9. varma

    is the philips bodygroom available in kuwait now? if yes can u tell me where?

  10. jewaira

    So it is now the trend…

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