Floating Shoe Rack


This is probably the funkiest shoe rack I have ever seen. It has a simple and clean look to it, but very functional as well. I don’t think it would work for nice shoes, but it does work for daily shoes, sneakers, sandals, and maybe other shoes which you don’t mind hanging from the toes. It can be easily done by any person just check the link for the carpentry instructions.



Link: NotMartha

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  1. Suave, could even be for the purpose of decorating only….

  2. Nana

    I love it! I’d like need a 100 of those!

  3. I love it small and neat, but I am sure its not good for some ladies :p

  4. pearls: really? I thought it was cool and funky!

    BLue Dress: yup, but I like how the shoes hang!

    Nana: loooooooooooooooool!

    Amu: I think it would good for certain shoes but not something with heels!

  5. docxray

    It will work just as well for “good” shoes if a soft piece of fabric or sponge rubber is placed on the lower side of the top shelf – no scuffs on the toes!

  6. docxray: You have a good point, you could put the rubber piece and it would help stop the scuffing!

    Laialy: hahaha!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: no prob!

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