Work Pile Up


After just being away for a few days from work I came back with a pile of paperwork on my table and it was insane. I had to come to full throttle from the first minute I was in, it was insane I didn’t have a lot of emails as much as I had things I had to do to make sure the ship is going forward. I’m coming in early and leaving a little late, not too late but the work at the end of the day is exhausting. Its good getting back into the groove of things but I also have to keep on pushing a lot of people and driving them nuts.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nana

    seems like no one has work today or aren’t in the mood for it. BTW, what do you do for a livin’

  2. Ah yes, clear up the pile so it doesn’t keep stackin. Best of luck with that.

  3. Nana: I’m working constantly! hehehe! What do I do… hmmm

    Company One – Acting Projects and PreSales Manager
    Company Two – VP of IT
    Company Three – Financial Controller (Building This one) :)

    Beyond Q8iya: seriously!!! How does that work, damn!! hehehe Coffee in everything! hehehe

    N: I’m always working on things!

  4. allah e3eenik Marzouq
    you need to blog about a slow day for a change :p

  5. Laialy: I wish that was possible! But that doesn’t happen much!

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