Review: Black Snake Moan


This movie revolves around two people, Samual L. Jackson and Christina Ricci. In a small southern town setting with the population so small everybody knows everybody else. Jackson’s wife just walked out on him and his little farm, and Ricci is an abused girl who has gets mental attacks which results in her searching for lust. When they cross each other’s pathes Jackson takes it upon himself to cure her of her sickness the only way he knows how. Its an interesting, and dramatic movie, the pace is a bit slow and I expected more from the movie. With Jackson in it I expected some suspense or something major but it turned out to be a little less then that.

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  1. unrelated subject
    im in love with studio 60
    first time i hear about it from u
    so THANK U

  2. Purgatory

    It is a very well done movie, I liked it. My only issue with the movie is JT, he should not act, and just stick to singing.

    C. Ricci is HOT! How did such a little girl from the Adams family become so sexy???

  3. just ordered my copy from
    Great Film!!! Sam jackson was great and who knew justin could act. It’s worth buying

  4. I didn’t like the ending, I wanted more!!!

  5. k, guess i’ll skip this one :p

  6. eshda3wa: Thats a great show! anytime!

    Purg: loooooooool! yup she has grown up!

    Mike B.: Its different for sure!

    BLaSha: I wanted alittle more action!

    N.: yup!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: its ok

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