This was one of the movies that I was really looking forward to watching, and I wasn’t just surprised, my expectations were blown out of the water. Michael Bay did justice to the Transformers and he gave them a realistic feel with development to the story. The Transformers land on Earth looking for the Spark which has been there for over a thousand years, and the one person who can lead them to it is Sam. What is great, is all the little hints in the lines that they put which is known in all the old cartoons. The action was fantastic with all transformation of the different Autobots and Decepticons. I really wish there was more, or to be exact I wanted more. I loved that they gave a very good conclusion, but with a few scenes they gave away that there will be another Transformers movie. I think that any fan of the Transformers will love this movie, even a person who isn’t a fan will love this movie. I couldn’t have enjoyed more then I did, Bumblebee was fantastic, but I loved Iron Hides attitude. On another note Megan Fox is very hot, and is perfect for her role.



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  1. Surely one of the best movies of the year! I’d also recommend it to anyone and everyone who enjoys any type of action movie.

  2. DeReD

    I wanna go see it again!!!

    Zouq, Any idea why Optimus Mark has’nt seen the movie yet????

  3. Wow… it took you quite a while ,, to get the review…. we thought you would be giving the review the moment it was launched out.

    Surprisingly Mark hasnt said anything as yet

  4. i watched the movie bcoz Shia LaBeouf is the leading actor,, this kid is a genius,, he’s my favorite actor at the moment

    the movie was great but it has more potential and could be better

  5. “Megan Fox is very hot, and is perfect for her role.” take that baaack take it baaaack
    i thought she had the nastiest tan in the world and she had no, none, zero purpose

  6. Biohazard

    Likewise, K, likewise.

    I like movies like this, but this movie isn’t really that great. It’s above average, that’s about it. I don’t know how to explain this, but I felt like it was rushed but still took too long to watch.

    Hopefully if there’s a sequel it’ll be better since now they got the introductions out of the way, they can jump right into the action in the second movie.

  7. N.: Im going to watch it a couple of more times for sure!

    DeRed: I’m not sure why he hasn’t seen it!

    Rayboy: I wanted to see it in a good cinema! Not Kuwait thats why!

    vampire: yes the movie as more potential, but they are building it up for the next movie! I can’t wait for it!

    Laialy: loooooooooooooooool! As a male i have to disagee! hehehe!

    K: looool!

    Biohazard: I think they did a fantastic job of the build up and not only robots fighting which was great! They set the story and went about it at the right pace which has to happen in our time!

  8. check my blog! u’ll see a review :p

  9. Biohazard

    Clever plug-in, swair. =/

  10. Eddy

    megan fox was tooo hot for this movie………
    btw i heard that there is an extra scene after the credits…..did u by any chance see it?

  11. Swair: cooooool!

    Biohazard: yup

    Eddy: Yes I did, and you can tell there is going to be another episode and its worth staying!

  12. Fatal

    Transformers is the most pimped out movie I’ve ever seen.I especally liked it when Megan Fox appeared. I think she looks sexy as hell in the movie.

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