Borders Dubai Again


I was really looking forward to visiting Borders in Mall of the Emirates, it was on my list of places to go to on this trip. I got this feeling of anticipation as I was getting closer to the store inside the mall, as soon as I got close I just wanted to run in and stay there but I knew I couldn’t, I would go later since a few of the guys had somethings to do.


When I walked in the first thing I did was to look for any changes in the books and positions in the wall from the last time I was there. I have to say that I was impressed they really were updating the books and details every week which is very good. You get to see a different selection and that they are paying attention the stock and items they have, with different recommendations and also trying to improve the layout for you to see more interesting books easily. I couldn’t help wanting to read a book for a longest time or just sit there but I had a few things I had to do. I picked up a few magazines and a couple of books this time around, and I still wanted to stay there for a little while longer, but I had to leave.

















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Thanks for sharing photos again :)

    The employee in the 1st and 2nd photo looks like he wants to object…

  2. It seems that changing books locations is one of Borders policies!
    It happens even here in Birmingham. I understand how you feel when you visit this book store
    the atmosphere is pulling :)

  3. Duckie

    ZOOoooOooOoookiii!!! Eeeeek!!! God I missed commenting here and the entire INTERNET in general! As I’m quite sure you have all endured countless agonizing days and nights without hearing anything from Ducki (a.k.a Missy C’est originale) *wiggling eyebrows*

    Borders… Borders… What is life without borders
    A pot of potatoe mish mash and no mental orders!

    On the same token, I have just found out that there’s a HUGE Borders Bookstore 10 minutes away from where I am here in the UK but still haven’t gone to venture it…

    Yo… u want something …tell moi

  4. i could live in borders

    i WISH fee something half as goon in Q8

  5. i’ll tell u a little secret, i have been reading but mostly management and business related books that are pretty small :p

  6. 7emdila 3asalama.. and i wish for a book store A REAL one

    and jackie.. where is thaaaat kuwaity borderess??????? wut area??? PLZZ

  7. Duckie

    jiji, no sweetie it’s not in Kuwait =( I wish it was hehe…
    I was talking about the UK. And I’m Duckie I’m not Jackie hehe =)

  8. Borders is opening in Oman soon, that’s cool to hear …

  9. seriously, why can’t they open one in here?

  10. jewaira: No problem! Yes he was about to object but I managed to stare him down!

    Athoob: I just can’t help going in there all the time! It is a good thing to keep changing the books!

    Duckie: Yup, I was surprised you disappeared for a bit! I hope you are enjoying yourself! Go the borders and enjoy your time there! :) Mashkoora, just enjoy your time!

    eshda3wa: I wish we had something like that in Kuwait, same as you I can spend all day there! looool!

    Laialy: hehehehe! There are some good books!

    jiji: alah esalmich!

    Duckie: looool!

    forzaq8: a few things! hehehe

    Amjad: That is really good!

    shopa: the Ministry of Information!

  11. shahid

    thanx good to known about the i am working in borders moe.nice snap.i hope in future we are going to open in kuwait as our policy to cover the whole middleeast as soon as possible.for oman store it is goiong to open soon till september as it is bigger that u had never thought. i hope to see u all in moe.
    any further information if u all book reader need.please glad to mail us [email protected]

  12. Someone is impersonating my duck are they? :(

  13. Duckie

    Jacqui, I commented on Marzouq’s duckie frame and so I chose this name. I assure you I have no intentions in impersonating ‘your duck’, and God knows what that is. =)

  14. shadid: very nice setup you guys have going there! I hope you open in Kuwait soon! The sooner the better! Our only problem is MOI, ministry of information! They are idiots!

    Jacqui: loooool!

    Duckie: Stay away from the Duckie! Only my nephew can get close to the Duckie!!

  15. Duckie

    That’s negotiable!

    I WILL get close to the duckie
    I WILL touch the duckie &

    And there’s nothing you’re gonna do about it :P

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