Power Supply Fix



I came back home to find my PC not working, and after messing around with it for a bit I knew it was the power supply that shorted out.


I called Professional Computers in Hawally at 2611661/0 to see if they can fix it and they said they could most probably fix it. When they took a look at it they couldn’t replace since it was a special size because of the specific size of the case. The opened it up and fixed it, which took a whole day. They fixed it for only 5 KD, I think they only charged me for the part and not for the labor. That is why I will be going back to them for other business they do a good job, most of the time.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LetmeGo

    I like going to them too! Wide range of items & most are reasonably priced but I just don’t like the attitude of the Indian guy who sits there,he behaves like a scavenger and is a smoking chimney,I hate dealing with such people!

  2. Sayed is the man! Quite possibly the only place i buy computer parts from.. (outside of aramex).

  3. I usually call PC Doctors, 571-1223. They come to you at home.. Awesome heehee
    I used to have a gateway laptop.. it used to shut down by itself.. I fixed it once, and then after a while it happened again, so I bought Mac.. My nephew cant wait since I promised to give him my Gateway once I fix it ;-)

  4. Yeah! Sayed is a nice guy! know him from the second day in kuwait!

  5. I’ve never seen a power supply like that before, Mash’a Allah. It seems nice. anyway the prices of power supplies is so cheap, it could cost you less than KD 5 to buy a whole new one.

  6. LetmeGo: Really I think those guys are ok, but they don’t know everything regarding hardware, they just know their inventory!

    K: I agree!

    Ansam: I haven’t just call someone to fix something like that, if it is a hardware problem thats where I take it to them!

    Cyber: Yeah he is good, I like how they operate!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Those power supplies cost between 30-150 KD for the highend ones!

    MpJs: XPC

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