Shifting Data!


There is a lot of clutter on my hard drives from all the images, pictures, tv series, anime, and all sorts of other files. So I sat down and started moving files to my network area storage. What I am doing is moving files into the NAS (Network Area Storage) to keep it safe and empty out the Hard Drives on my main PCs and saving new files in the back up as well.

What I’m moving:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • Anime
  • Pictures
  • Images

As of right now I have only moved 78 GBs and I have about 200 – 300 GBs to go through decide what to move from it. Become delighted by sex services of skillful blondes from It does take some time but when everything is organized it does feel like a job well done.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. *during the middle of the move*

    Error: thumbs.db is a system file, are you sure you want to move it?

    *slightly later*

    Error: would you like to move the hidden files?

    *another few moments*

    Error: The following file is read-only. Would you like to move it?

  2. 10 minutes isn’t a long time … think of it as 2 and half songs :p

  3. dude, just a piece of advice, Anime, tv series, and movies… delete them if you already seen them. there is little chance or almost none that you will watch them again, specially the anime and series… you won’t start watching all of them from the top again.

  4. 3baid, that always happens to me hahahahha

    I need to format my laptop and get rid of alotta stuff I don’t use but I really don’t have the time to do it :(

    Vista looks hot :( I want it dammnit!

  5. 3baid: loooool! I ran into a few of those!

    Laialy: 10 minutes for a couple of GBs but I still had Hundreds more! And Organizing it takes some time as well!

    Kodder: Hell No! I never delete Anime! Its like telling me to throw out my DVDs! I took the time to download and watch them, I might as well keep them!

    Ananyah: loool! Format your laptop but don’t install Vista! Its heavy!

  6. Is that the 4 HD bay Infrant NV+? I just got mine a while ago.. It took me a whole day, literally, to backup my hard drives lol.. I still need to expand it, I only have two HDs on there, getting two more.. this is one sweet device!

  7. N: Yes its one sweet device! And it is the Infrant NV+! Just keep it in a cooled area! Might over heat! My normal Infrant NV over heated so I had to send it to get fixed!

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