Small Businesses in Kuwait


Entrepreneurs in Kuwait have a difficult time getting themselves up and off the ground because of all the rules they make you jump through. There is no incentives for business in Kuwait to start something new, or for someone young to get some help in businesses in Kuwait.

Previously there was an incentive program but then the people in charge took advantage of them, instead of helping people who really want to get things up and going they would help their friends and process their stuff before.

The Baladiya (Municipality) is the worst, they chase after you to try to fine you at every point and when you ask them for the rules that you have to follow when setting up they really don’t help you at all. There is no grace period or warning to get something fixed, there are some gross violations such pollution but if they know the guy they would let it go. It is really frustrating seeing this, and when you are genuinely trying to do something good they hinder you and try not to help you, its frustrating.

I wish there were clear guidelines but you really are on your own in Kuwait and you have to trip to get back up, there really isn’t anyone who can help you out to get things up and going.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Thats really sad. Honestly, I pray that whatever bad things they do to decent Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, comes back and bites them in the ass! not once, but twice! Betawfeej enshalla with your business endeavors.

  2. yup and you guys are kuwaiti. just imagine the hoops the foreigners have to jump thru.

    there is one advantage tho, coming from someone who’s done pretty ok here, despite everything,…… if you can handle things here, any other country is a breeze.

    they should change the NY NY song to Kuwait hehehe :P

  3. LetmeGo

    Someone s a lil down today!Cheer up bud.I used to go the the ministries a lot,they are just RUTHLESS!Even if there are a few good people who wanna help you the top dogs will just keep them down,sux big time.

  4. thats the way things work around here you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours till I find somone else to scratch my back and fuck you over…

  5. What’s even more sad is already established companies who don’t have a clear set of rules, say a bank, who for the past year has had a number of rules that changed every day every hour every minute! Screw it!

  6. jewaira

    It must be very frustrating…and you need to know alot of people to push any papers through and get through regulations.

  7. I never thought anyone would talk about that. My uncle is with Commerce and the hoops he told me I’d had to jump thru just to open a small store..ugh..that turned me off.

    Seriously someone should help the little goldfish out.

  8. maybe there should be like a guide book of some sort “How to start a business in Kuwait”

  9. N: Thank you, yes I hope that it does bite them in the ass!

    Patrick: Its bad for everyone as you said!

    skunk: If you think Kuwait is bad then check out Saudi, they make it nearly impossible!

    LetmeGo: I’m not really down, just frustrated with their treatment of good people. I get around most of the bad ones, I get frustrated when I see them stopping good people from doing work.

    TAT: that and more!

    Jacqui: Very annoying!

    jewaira: I know, you need to be very stubborn as well!

    Я :You have to try really hard and stick through it. There are people there just to hinder your work! There isn’t any clear rules as to what is required!

    Laialy: I wish there was, I wouldn’t have half the ability to get it written, I maybe have 3%-5% of the information. There is a lot out there!

  10. it might need something like a lagnah (this will never happen!) and a lot of coordination between different people and departments

  11. Laialy: It would be insane like you said, but it would have to be meaningful people who want to do something good, that is the hard part in Kuwait!

  12. Badrul Khan

    i provide voip longdistance in the usa but I also hard that people in kuwait pays arm and leg for their longdistance.Local telco shutdown phone and internet service so the people can not use internet for voip. what a shame!
    When will the government learn that when people start business the country will get more taxes,more jobs will be there.

  13. Badrul Khan: They didn’t shutdown the ISPs, but they hate Voip, we are still using voip for everything which is much better then the local telco. Things will improve for sure!

  14. just N: Really there isn’t much that could help on there..

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