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I usually just read other people’s blog and comment, but this has to be one of the funniest blog posts I have seen. K.theKuwaiti breaks down the different category of bloggers and I was laughing while reading through it. If you want a laugh, its worth a laugh.

Link: K.theKuwaiti

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  1. I just checked it out like 30 minutes ago … what would you categorize me as? :p
    You are a little of an “All-day-blogger” :p

  2. you just been categorized under number 5 :P

  3. i think you guys crashed his site , i can’t view it ( even with proxy )

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  5. man…the post now is my number one post of all times
    I asked to be categorized by K and I’m asking you too to categorize me.

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  7. I am not included in that classification nanananabobobo :P

  8. Zahed


  9. Laialy: For sure #9!!!

    Spikey: I think number 9 not 5!

    forzaq8: looool!

    K: the intraweb works!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: looool!

    ananyah: number 9 for sure!

    Jacqui: Yes you are there, but I will tell you which one you are later!

    Zahed: I will beat you with it!

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