The Walk Around


Yesterday was a funny day, after thinking about it I went to a couple of areas a couple of times during the day for different purposes but it was really funny.

  • Home -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> City
  • City -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Hawally
  • Hawally -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Home
  • Home -> Hawally
  • Hawally -> Shuweikh
  • Shuweikh -> Home

When ever I went to any of those areas I was walking around a lot, in the City I had to walk a lot to find damn parking. Shuweikh was a lot of walking as well but its because I only have cell phone service outside the building so I pace when I’m on the phone. In Hawally I had a meeting but then I was in Ibn Khaldoon to do a lot of walking between all the stores, its a lot of fun.

I’m just happy I managed to finish a lot of tasks during the whole day on top of all the hectic meetings and I still kept doing things after work. Then I went over to my brothers place to hang out for the rest of the day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    I think you need a chauffeur …

  2. I dont think people understand how fun and freeing, a walk around khaldoun street is. it’s more fun when you just had your paycheck :)

  3. Thats quite a walk around! Its nice getting a lot of stuff done, but going back over to the same area.. is just too much!

  4. jewaira: I have one, I prefer to drive myself and do my own footwork!

    TAT: Yes, its just so much fun going from store to store, finding something you want and looking for good deals as well. When you have the time, its something great to do!

    N.: I had work and then I had personal things to do! So I didn’t mind doing it at all!

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