Nar Table


I have to say this is one of the most unique coffee tables I have seen yet, it is designed by Unal & Boler Studio. Its a different way of displaying your books, and there is this sliding metal panel above it as pieces of the table. It is a very unique design, but I’m not sure how I would feel about hanging my books on a wire instead of placing them on a shelf. A unique piece of furniture that I find appealing.


Link: Unal&Boler

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  1. That’s an amazing idea! We need that instead of having our books in the bathroom’s cabinet!~

  2. The metal for hanging the books can form as a bookmark too so you wont lose the page but if its a heavy book then the metal can ruin the pages and I dont think I’d feel comfortable putting beverages on the table over my books but it’s a very unique table no doubt.

  3. zahed

    Shawerma table

  4. do you know any good places in Kuwait that sells consoles and coffee tables… and shelves…etc. I am decorating my room still and didnt find the perfect fit. The simplest possible ones please…

    (I have been to the ONE, ID Design, Bo Concept, Avenues stores..)

    Its driving me crazy!

  5. Nice idea and design but NOT practical at all (as a true coffee table). You can forget having coffee on it or a snack or eating on it, if you spell coffee its all over your books with food and salt and bread cracks remaining…. Talking about cleaning.

  6. Wild_Mare

    Books and coffee .. all together ! a simple way to set my mood :)
    piece of art .. I loved it

  7. no way – it’ll mess up the books !

  8. Yeah, as patric and joud said. It seems it might easily mess up the books!

  9. now that’s what i call neat .. but i would think that it would damage the books a bit

  10. it looks real cool

    but i would never abuse my books like that!

  11. Brandy: I think that would be cool!

    Missy: thats what I’m wondering about, what would happen to the books! And I can’t put any beverages next to it!

    zahed: I will kill you!

    Ansam: I honestly don’t know of a lot places. If you really want then travel to Dubai for two days they do have a lot of options.

    Patrick: Its not that pratical but is very nice in the right setting.

    Wild_Mare: yup, just perfect! Books do it right!

    joud: looool!

    N.: It might, but I have to see it to judge it!

    Laialy: I want to check it out to see what it does!

    eshda3wa: so, lets put some magazines!

  12. As a design, it’s very orginal .. Functional: I have no idea, pictures can be deceiving but so it needs a test drive if I was able to see one.

    On the other hand, Have you heard of the concept ‘Coffe Books’ ?.. I think with table we do the match fro these high quality -glossy- picture books.. !?!?

  13. pearls: yup!

    Chroma-Trauma: Yup it needs to be seen to be adjusted! Yup Coffee Book would fit on this table for sure!

  14. we’ve been using one for some years now. (since we’ve designed it) does not damage books,because they are not wires but upsidedown “u” folded sheets (slats). and coffeetable maybe an unfortunate name but it’s what all low tables are called. what can we do about that. lol.

  15. alper: Thank you very much for the information, that will make it very useful and I really do like the design and displaying all the books!

  16. Victoria

    Its perfect for magazines (instead of expensive books)

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