Squished Peaches


I have recently passed by a fruit place I was directed to and picked up some peaches and I have to say that I can’t get enough of them. These peaches taste so good, I remember when I used to take strawberries and dip them in sugar then eat them. These peaches taste even sweeter its amazing, I just go through them like popcorn. I recommend people to go get some since its their season. It has become my breakfast and late night snack! callescort.ch



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  1. Zabo0o6a

    i’m just having some as i’m reading ur post :) weird haa? :Pp

  2. DeReD

    Would they be available at Sultan??

    I all see em regular peaches there..

  3. Jafar

    This is a cross between peach & another type grown in Iran.It is an Iranian produce created after the revelution & that is why some people call them The Turban ( as refers to the turban of the ruling clergy in Iran .They are great ,juicy & sweet

  4. trainer rami

    this is way better than the fatty foods you eat… keep up the goodwork :)

  5. I like to sniff fruit in the supermarket- does anyone do that too? I have no idea why I do that, Its a habit. I love picking the ones that look yellow but with baby pink shades (being the sweetest) they look like they’re blushing in my hands. It has to be PINK and not reddish shades- reddish means peaches are angry. Marzouq has a bowl filled with ANGRY peaches in the picture- lousy fruit picker!

  6. DeREd, they’re Hybrid peaches- from the family of peaches. Ask for them in Sultan. Just call ’em the ones with “5afsa”.

  7. F..

    those are the best kind of peaches! we call them donuts!

  8. Yeah I love them, they are called Pan-Tao (Chinese flat peaches) or as I call them “the sweet donut peaches :-p”

    I just had some for dinner yummy yumm

  9. Zabo0o6a: looool!

    DeReD: I don’t know! They might, they are really good!

    Laialy: I don’t even know!

    eshda3wa: They just taste so damn good!

    Jafar: lol the Turban! I’m not sure where its from though!

    Zahed: no! Not today!lol

    trainer Rami: I wish it was the only thing I ate! hehehe

    Missy: looool! I love the angry fruits! I just can’t get enough of them! Your welcome to try them! hehehe! 5afsa looool! Everyone has a name for them!

    F.: Everybody has a name! They are damn good!

    Ansam: Really PanTao? I need to find out what they call them!

  10. I’m not a peach guy…gimme a citrus fruit anytime

  11. the official name is “Bokfaya”… my grandmother used to have them grown in her garden in lebanon.. very yummy

  12. Yeah Pan Tao or Peen To (Very popular in China/Asia)

  13. I was having some over the weekend! I love fruits! 3awafi.

  14. Muh’d M. Mansour: They are quite tasty!

    Angelo: You should try it, its so damn sweet!

    Beyond Q8iya: very yummy indeed!

    Ansam: Damn those are a lot of types!

    N: alah e3afeek!

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