This program is from the creators of Stardock which allowed widgets and gadgets to be placed on the desktop. Changing the bland theme of Windows into a Dynamic Interactive theme called Stardock and you have many custom made themes to choose from. I tried Stardock a few years back and it was fun for a little while but it was heavy on the system so I took it off.


Objectdock is also a creative addition from Stardock but they have learned to make it a light application. Objectdock mimics the action of Apple’s OS X scrolling program bar. You can launch programs from there and minimize your programs to the bottom as well as control which programs would be on the list. Its a really nice addition and I know many will say you might as well get an Apple, but this is a very nice addition to Windows Vista. You can download thousads of icons for the dock to change the look as well as have custom icons for certain programs. There are two versions one is for free and the other is for $20, I haven’t tried the pay version but I’m finding the free version to be entertaining and satisfy my needs. Overall I think its a great addition and it takes up very little pc resources to use.


The Plus (pay) version has some extra functionality as multiple docks, as well as complete customization of the dock. You can also tab the programs on the dock itself which is very useful, and you can customize the behavior of a dock to specific dock so two docks could behave differently.

Link: ObjectDock

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  1. Paid version doesn’t seem to be that worth it. I haven’t tried it, a friend of mine has. It sure seems like fun! The important part is that it isn’t heavy on the system. Most of these shell extensions take a lot of space and processing power.. but if its light its good.

  2. Looks silky n nice, but slows down your startup and with time (I dont know what the hell happens exactly to it) its gonna start causing problems, severe ones to your system files, to the kernels! To the very bones of windows OS, thats when you take it off.

    The new Dock I have to say was lighter then previous ones, and with widgets that connects to the internet to get updated, “thats also internet use in addition to memory”. One down side as well is that its not real time ‘progress’ updated, like for instance on MAC if you have an active download that you minimize, you can still see the progress of the download progressing in real time on the minimized icon when you just mouse over it. Object Dock dsnt have that with the widgets and icons.

  3. that looks neat, i am staring this post for when i get vista ;)

  4. Innovate . Don’t Imitate , Everybody’s copying Apple’s MAC OSX now. Vista is an exact copy of OSX Tiger . Leopard is about to be unleashed . WaTcH out !!!!!

  5. LetmeGo

    G-funk,the program and the company has been around since the Windows 95 days,even before,and these glossy programs were available as FREE downloads for Windows operating systems.They were major memory & resource hoggers thats the reason most people shunned it.As a matter of fact MS worked with Stardock to create Vista s Aero interface,these guys know this stuff inside out.So relax dude,dun get so worked out.

    Zouq,thanx for the stuff man.I didn’t know Vista version was out,neways heres my little screen shot.

  6. LetmeGo : Hold you horses , Ever since the beginning of MS . all they did was to copy something that already exist and call it their own , MS DOS for starters was not an MS invention. it used to belong to a software company in seattle that couldn’t market it . Microsoft signed a deal with IBM to provide them with an operating system to run their personal computers to compete with Apple who used to dominate the Personal computer industry . They’ve purchased it and named it MS-DOS .

    99.9% of windows vista technology is already available on MAC OSX and even MAC OS9 years ago. Microsoft just couldn’t copy it well enough.

  7. N: They did a good job with it so its relatively light! Like you said the Pay version just isn’t worth it!

    Patrick: Doesn’t slow down the start up time. Thats what I’m saying, its light on the system. Its not like the Apple Version but it has its pluses and minuses!

    Laialy: Cool!

    G-Funk: looooool!

    LetmeGo: I just think G-Funk is an Apple fan, no need to bite his head off! lol! and I can’t blame him for it, its a good product. On another note Stardock has developed a lot over the years. Very nice! You have a hell of a lot of partions!

    G-Funk: I think he is pointing out that it is quite different in implementation but it does the same thing to a certain degree. Microsoft inovated and they cornered the market in the later years, Apple has a great product and now its entering into the General Public.

  8. Marzouq : I’m not just a fan. I’m a preson who appreciates technology, and apple is innovative and pationate about their products . That’s why I adore their products . They really make products that people want to own and use . unlike microsoft where they just take whats already out there and make it their own. I cannot deny that Microsoft is ruling the industry (or shall i say owns), no doubt about that . But that doesn’t mean that their products are great !!! they are full of bugs and security holes . but hey.. it’s affordable and you can pirate it . Heck!! anyone would go for that. except those people who seek quality not quantity . and those people who want to make something out of the ordinary and be creative . those people seek else where. in a land far far away from winows and microsoft.

  9. LetmeGo

    G-funk lol dude,soothe yourself but I still think MS rocks!
    Zouq: The partitions are the aftermath of an unsuccessful Ubuntu installation! :(

  10. Macaholiq8 : Been trying to convince them :)

  11. G-Funk: I can understand your passion for them, heck I like them a lot! But you can make whatever you want from the tools you have, and Microsoft an operating system has bugs I agree, hell I’ve gone through a lot of them and worked them out. But there is a lot of software that is developed for the Windows operating system, and some of them are amazing software!

    LetmeGo: lool! That really sucks if it doesn’t work out!

    MacaholiQ8: looool!

    G-Funk: Your passion is resilient!

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