Salt Vinegar Chips


As I was walking through the co-op the other day I decided to check out when chips they might have, and then I came by the Lays Salt & Vinegar I couldn’t help pick up a few since I really like Salt & Vinegar Chips.

I’m one of those people that really like Salt & Vinegar Chips, I really can’t get enough of them if they are in front of me. I don’t really crave them but if they are in front of me I will have a good share of them. Its funny people either love the taste or hates it, nobody is indifferent of the taste of salt and vinegar chips.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I love them! I tried lays from Sultan, they taste nothing like the ones in the U.S. I was pretty disappointed! :/ I prefer the regular Kitco Salt and Vinigar purple chips.

  2. I gotta try some of those, it’s been ages since I had Lay’s.

  3. N. Sultan Center has both- Lays manufactured in the US and the one manufactured in Saudi Arabia (or some Gulf country). The ones they sell in normal supermarkets are the gulf manufactured that’s why they taste different. When you go to Sultan Center check the ones that dont have any Arabic written on them- those are the original. I love the Baked Lay’s and its exactly the same I eat in the US. Same goes for other products in Sultan btw- Babyjohnson powders, oils, shampoos… I pick the ones that dont have any Arabic writings and they’re the original (although they’re limited in number and finish quickly- you can always order at the Sultan Order desk).

  4. yum !!!
    have u tried the balsamic vinegar one yet? 7ada vinegar OD !

  5. Missy-TheOriginal,
    Ah, I don’t go shopping that much so I didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip! I think I’ll go shopping soon! ^_^

  6. I’m one of them too, man how come we have a lot in common, thats weird.
    anyway, it looks better than Pringles potato chips but I doubt it tastes like it or even like Kitcos.

  7. N. I’m glad that was useful but I tara not all products come in the original. So make sure you ask and if not- just order them. Their service is great.

  8. Missy-TheOriginal,
    Great! Yeah, I’ll be sure to order and check if I couldn’t find it. I heard about their service where you request things. I’m sure this would come in handy in these situations.

  9. Once in a restaurant I asked the waiter to get me vinegar and I sprinkled it over my french frise heehee tara it was also good!

  10. Biohazard

    Missy, that’s the longest post about chips I’ve seen and Mansour, are you making a move on Z? :|

    Anyway, I love the Kitko ones. The ones in packs like Lays suck, they’re fun in the begining but when you have to shove your giant hand in the tiny hole(no pun intended) it gets annoying as hell and you end up breaking the chips half way through..

  11. jewaira

    love anything with vinegar…mmm

  12. try it once u wake up, even before u drink water… its the best :P

  13. I love all kinds of vinegar, best two are malt & balsamic. I usually have it with fish, fries and chips ..

    I bet all of you like lemon-y foods?

  14. N: The US one is the best! The Arabic one just tastes weird!

    3baid: Same here, but get the US version from Sultan!

    Missy: Thanks for the heads up!!!!

    Peony: looooooool! I gotta try that then!

    N: She got you covered!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Lays > Pringles!

    N: They have had the service request for a little while now and they do a good job with it!

    Ansam: looool! Nice!

    Biohazard: loooool! This is a better container!

    jewaira: yup! gotta love vinegar!

    BLaSha: looool!

    pearls: very much! I do like Vinegar and your right about the lemon! loool!

  15. Kitkoo’s salt & vinegar 7adda THE BEST, try it with MANGO KDD 7addik ra7 tabchey

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