Zero-G Weightless Experience


There isn’t anybody at one point in time who didn’t want to be an astronaut and this is probably as close your going to get in this decade. For $3675 you can experience zero gravity in the upper atmosphere for 90 minutes. It is probably one hell of an experience and you get to get a DVD and your flight suit with it. Its a lifetime experience and its available only on certain dates.

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sweet, worth pursuing!

  2. My brother and nephews tried something very similar here in the UK. It’s not a zero gravity place but an internal sky diving ride. Air blows from under you and you fly upwards and you get a DVD too. It costs 40 pounds per person. A bit expensive but really fun, I’m gonna try it out soon.

  3. N: For sure!

    K: loooool!

    Laialy: yup they do!

    3baid: I wouldn’t want to!

    Missy: I did that before, its nothing like that! You fly in a big plane to the sky and then just float!

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