A Hearty Meal!


Coming back after work I wanted to eat something I didn’t have for a long time, and this was it. I dont think there is anything better then a Muchboos Deyaay (Chicken) meal with some Samboosak! The right combination of rice, chicken and daqoos is something I enjoy very much.



Enjoying this meal was perfect after a long day and enjoying Justice League Unlimited. People like different parts of the chicken, I tend to be a thigh man since its juicier!


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. This post needs a FCC/MPAA/RIAA or something rating! It should be rated HI! for Hunger Inducing! ;/ Alright, I’m sure some ppl are gona post “eww” comments.. I can feel em comin, lol!

  2. DeReD

    Yo Zouq, whats up with that diet you were supposed to go on????

  3. b3lafyaa. a7la shay end it with re6ab and labna

  4. Carlsb3rg

    Your heart definitely felt that meal :P

  5. mmm… looks great !I’m also partial to thighs, but sometimes prefer the whole leg : )
    whats a “daqoos” ?

  6. I’ve just went home to bring a home made pizza to eat it at work with my coworkers.
    I made the best tomato souse for the pizza topping.

  7. Purgatory



  8. N.: hahahaha! There isn’t any ewww… just people wanting to killme for these damn pics!

    DeReD: Went out the window when the damn heat came! hahaha! I will do it in due time!

    EniGma: alah e3afeeech!!!

    Carlsb3rg: I didn’t eat the whole thing but it was damn good for sure!

    Laialy: I was waiting for your comment! heeheheh! Alah e3afeech!

    mathew: daqoos is the tomato sauce, its very good with the whole thing! I think you are one of the few that “Read” then “Commented”! looool!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: looool!

    Purg: hahahahahaha! I just love your comments, I think I look forward to the food posts because of you!

  9. zabo0o6a

    i love machbo0s deyay but with a different kind of 7asho0 the type that 7asaweyaa do0 the onion turns kind pinkish with zarasht cuz i hate kishmish :) , but the chicken lo0ks so0 go0d bel3afya dear .

  10. zabo0o6a: I wonder how that tastes like! alah e3afeeeeech! :)

  11. AL

    My god that looks tasty indeed!

    Off topic: I went to Sultan center about 3 days ago and picked up a box of cheerios original ones not the honey nuts. Take a guess at how much they cost me some 1.650 or so. Thats $5.75! Not surprised yet ok. For a *283g* pack now there!!!

    Is it just me or are cheerios in Kuwait are just to damn expensive ah!

  12. AL: Thanks, Sultan prices are bit high because they bring the items very quickly and a lot is from the states! So they put the overheads on the items. I don’t mind the overheads if the quality si there!!

  13. AL

    True Marzouq. But can you tell me where else can I find normal cheerios (not the Honey nut ones).

    ;-) thx

  14. AL

    Dont worry I got it!

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