Inside Kubbar!




I woke up around noon to find out I’m going with my brother and a couple of guys to Kubbar. I thought why not and dragged myself out of bed and took shower getting ready to go. It was around 51C in my car as I was driving to my brothers house to go with him and then we head to Al Koot Marina. As soon as we got there we unloaded the things into the boat and waited for the other people to arrive. In total we were six people and it was really feeling hot, there were a few things to get done before we head out but that didn’t take long.



Al Koot was empty in the during the day but the Meat Market and Fish Market were filled with people. Outside was another story, we were almost ready and the only thing left was filling up some gas. The only thing I was thinking about was how hot it was and we were drinking water, freeze, shani, and everything else that was cold. We got going and it was about a 40-50 minute boat ride to Kubbar. The last time I went to Kubbar Island was in 1998 or 1999 with some friends, so I was looking forward to seeing it. The water was relatively calm and as soon as we were 10 minutes from land the water was calmer and I was just enjoying the boat ride.



It didn’t take long for us to see Kubbar in the horizon and you could see a number of boats. As we got closer there were some very interesting boats, and a lot more then I imagined. We just approached from one side to look for a spot to drop anchor. As we parked I was looking around at all the other boats, lots of different kinds, some small ones, some big ones, some yachts, some speed boats, and some fishing boats. There were also some jet skis flying around between the boats but I’m assuming they came with a boat. Jumping into the water was just perfect, but the water had a strong current so we had to tie rope to hold onto. If there wasn’t a rope it would only take about 10 seconds to be at least 5 meters from the parked boat. So at some points I was swimming against the tide and I was exhausted but it was still fun.



After a little while I kept finding some friends here and there, and they were really surprised that I was there. They never expected that I would go since its been a long time since I went. And it was surprising to find a lot of people I knew there, but it was fun. The best part was drinking something cold after swimming after little while, I think I even drank a gallon of salt water. After looking around I think the ratio of girls to guys was about 1:17 but in reality I think it was 1:7 but still thats high! It was interesting but I think it was a little crowded but it was still a hell of a lot fun and I felt tired as hell after swimming for so much.



We decided to leave around 6:10pm so that we would get there before the sun sets, and on the way back the water was so smooth that I couldn’t tell where the ocean ended and the sky begun. It was a nice feeling, and I went to sleep on the seats next to the engines. I have this ability to go to sleep if the sound is continuous, and the sound of the engine never really changed, so I took a nice quick nap. It was a very nice outing, and I’m hoping to repeat it soon.

Be warned a lot of pictures after the break!



















































A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Love the hairy leg, man.

    Tell me, you put the Freez on top in the cooler & the good stuff on the bottom? Eh? ;)

    Nice..I haven’t been to Kubbar in years!

  2. loooooooool
    2. 3ysheen el door weya those look a like beer bottles

  3. 3alaikom bel3afia
    sounds like a very nice outing.. its always good to something different for a change to break away from the killing routine here :-)
    LOL 3ajeeba elpic with ur leg :-P

  4. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexyyyyyyyy leggssssss!

    LOL! Hehehe I’m glad you had fun, I think my phone was off that’s why I wasn’t invited ha? :P LOL Kidding ;P

  5. Biohazard

    My friends keep inviting me to go but I keep saying no, morons think it’s a nudist beach there. :|

    I bet every girl would love to charge at you with some wax for your leg, so becareful!!

  6. lol, great stuff man! Awesome pictures.

  7. I’m dying to see Kubbar … I’ve been to Umm ElNamil, Umm Elmaradim and Failika only

  8. The Leg Belongs To My Friend!! lol!

    Я:Not my leg! hehehe! Its only freeze buddy! And a lot of water! The freeze was damn good too! Its probably worth visiting again!

    Stallion: Inshalla!

    Laialy: looooool! Its my friend’s leg! hehehe! The Freeze drinks taste great, I don’t know why only few people have had it!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech! It was a nice change, on another note… that isn’t my leg!!!!!! lol!

    Jacqui: ahahahaha! NOT MY LEG! My friend’s leg! hahaha! No invite, its a guys only trip! hahaha!

    Biohazard: Not my legs so I don’t have to worry, the water is worth the swim so you should visit it at least!

    N: Thanks!

    Ananyah: Those aren’t my legs damn it! hahhahahaha! Its my friends legs!

  9. zahed

    ABNEEEEEEEE who is that guy not the jetski is that Mr Shawerma

  10. Ahahaha & loooooooooooool at the leg comments!

  11. man…I want to have my next summer vacation in Kuwait..amazing pictures.
    God bless Kuwait

  12. Katie

    Didn’t know Kuwait had places like that, really beautiful!!! Perfect place for a summerbreak. But…, is it more than 50C degrees during the day??!

  13. LMAO! How embarrassing! Hehehehehe I was just about to compliment that you lost some nice weight to have sexy legs like that again ;p

    Wanna introduce us to your friend? LOL! Just kidding!

    And why do you guys always hang out together! Why oh why!

  14. LOL

    the leg pic is amazingly funny :p
    looks like a lot of fun :D 3sak doum mstans

    liked the pictures a lot :D

  15. So….girls really fantasies Men Legs :)

    from now on , shorts will be my national dress instead of dishdasha :p

    Do u whats funny Marzouq, i want to buy a boat….but i had never drove one before !! i heard lots of good things about Kubbar. The best things to do in kuwait…..Barr in winter….Boat trips in summer

  16. how do i go to kubbar ?

    who takes me there ? and how much ?! i have no idea how to arrange it

  17. zahed: I think it is!

    N: yup! hehehe

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Thanks!

    Katie: Yeah everywhere is around 50C during the day but when your in the water you really don’t feel it! Its just amazing! You Just have to get there!

    Jacqui: looooool! Nope still need to drop the weight! hahaha! No introducing! Which guys? lol!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Mashkoora! Yeah the leg pic seems to have entertained everyone! happy you enjoyed the pictures!

    Laziale: loool, I dont think so! I think they are just laughing at the leg pic! You got it right, Burr in Winter and Ba7ar in summer!

    Financy: Honestly I haven’t seen any public company that does transport to Kubbar. You could rent a boat but I’m not sure how much that is, and renting a captain with it is something else!

    chikapappi: Who doesnt!

  18. Bo Saleh

    Financy: u can go to Soog Sharg marina, there is a company which have two yachts for rent, also, you can go KIM center located in Kuwait Hilton resort, they can take you also to Kubbar.

    my recomendation is to go with KIM Center, cheaper and also closer to kubber (like 20 to 30 min max) and also they can make activities over their such as water skiing & bnana

    on another hand, SEXY LEG MARZOUG … LOOOOOOOOOOL … i think its belong for a football player ;Pp

  19. They should convert the islands into official resorts!

  20. Bo Saleh: Thanks for the information, and secondly I’m going to woop you!

    3baid: I think Failakah needs some work!

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