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I have been looking around for wipers since I realized that my wipers dried up and the plastic was basically decayed after some time of use. I was looking into which wipers I want to get, and I didn’t think about getting the factory ones since I knew that I could get Bosch Wipers. With Bosch wipers they are designed in a way to operate better then factory and those were the ones I’m looking for. Right now my Landcruiser doesn’t have any wipers, and I knew I would need them sooner the later.

Bosch Wipers:

  • ICON
    • Advanced bracketless technology with dual precision-tensioned steel springs, fx dual rubber, aerodynamic wind spoiler and exclusive shielded connector for ultimate all-season performance.
  • Micro Edge Excel
    • With an advanced dual rubber technology, Bosch Micro Edge Excel delivers the quietest operation, cleanest wipe and longest life. Micro Edge Excel’s enclosed tension spring also provides the best protection against water, snow and ice build-up.
  • Micro Edge
    • Also featuring enclosed tension spring protection from water, snow and ice, Micro Edge wiper blades offer a specially blended natural rubber wiping edge for crystal clear visibility.
  • Hindsight
    • Bosch quality and design for premium rear window wiping performance that lasts!

If you need wipers these are the only ones to get and no other ones.

Link: Bosch

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  1. I saw your post about these blades and checked the Bosch site for this stuff…. I am in India, so it took some hunting, but I got them. Excellent quality and I am pleased mainly with how silent these things are. The factory made versions had this squishy sound I always hated. . . .

  2. Waleed

    Can it be found in Kuwait?

  3. Muh’d M. Mansour: loool!

    Laialy: Not too much of it! lool!

    Azariath: That is the truth, they make quality products and thats why I like Bosch.

    Waleed: Any Bosch dealer! Let me find out and I will post it up!

  4. DLC

    Bosch in Kuwait
    Contact person – Mr. Sudhir Shenoy
    Al Qurain Automotive Trading Co.
    Tel +965 481 08 44
    Mobile +965 640 99 69
    Fax +965 481 08 79

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