Torrents Galore!


Every once in a while I just go on this Torrent spree and this is one of them! I realized that I’m downloading close to 49 Gbs worth of Anime, TV series, and a few movies in a couple of days. Even though I have a lot of media in storage I’m still piling up and I have no clue when I will be watching but I will be watching them at some point.



  • Karas (Complete)
  • Saiyuki Reload (Complete)
  • Saiyuki Reload Gunlock (Complete)
  • Paranoia Agent (Complete)
  • Seirei no Moribito
  • DGray-man


  • Bionic Woman
  • Greek
  • Weeds
  • Dexter


  • 300 HD-DVD

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I wish they hadn’t pre-released the first 3 eipsodes of Weeds Season 3… I’ve watched them, now have to wait a coupla months before they catch up on US network tv to get episode 4 :(

  2. hehe moocherx, i did the same :(

    zouk, ur a nut job! 40+GB! DAMN POOR COMPUTER!


  3. I have weeds / dexter and bionic women .. want me to bring them with me?

  4. N

    question if i download a hd movie and i have a hd tv, how can i watch it in
    hd if i dont want to burn it on a hd disk, will hooking the tv to my pc work ?

  5. sweet. this is what I call diving the internet super highway!

  6. why dont you use uTorrent ? much better than Azures

  7. You remind me of myself when I’m in Manchester, Downloading.. Downloading and downloading… I try to upload 2X what I download so my ratio is excelent. When I seed, I try to seed 2 max each time. so that I ensure that I upload in 70kps for each one and so finish sooner…

  8. AngelOfDeth

    May i recommend , its not that extensive as torrents but at least you can download at max dl speed of your connection, and most of the things posted there are recent shows/music/movies…

    The down side is that 20GB = 10$

    If your interested and you have registered, i can give you the run down on the proper search links and embedded zip manager (really useful for music albums)
    its HTTP downloading = FlashGet or right click: “save target as…”

  9. Hi

    I usually download PSP torrents, but I haven’t tried downloading videos, I usually use Limewire for that but lately, Limewire doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been trying to get the first few episodes of Weeds but couldn’t. Could you please tell me the site you got the torrents from?

    thnx :)

  10. Fhaid

    Two questions:

    What’s your internet speed? and what provider?

  11. You gonna love Dexter, One of the best shows out there, and I advice you to use uTorrent, Its much better torrent client that Azures [IMHO]

  12. Paranoia Agent is a very deep anime. It has this weird mix of comedy and psychological thriller…you gonna love it.

  13. moocherx: that is what has been happening with me, I have tried to get all the episodes to the point so that I could watch all the episodes one go instead of episode by episode!

    ananyah: I know seriously, I’m running it on overload! loool!

    K: Now I’m just uploading! lol!

    N: To watch it you have to have a graphics card which can output at very high resolution from DVI to HDMI. And then your good to go!

    Razz: I’m really comfortable with Azueres especially when you configure it with all the right ports!

    Chroma-Trauma: That is a pretty smart way to go about it! A good way to spread the love!

    AngelOfDeth: I would really be willing to check it out if it has what I need. Currently for my show downloads I’m hitting my top speed since they are private torrents, but music albums is what I am looking for!

    QueenB: I get my torrents from and other private torrents! they do a really good job!

    Fhaid: I have 2 internet service providers. 1.5 MB from Qnet, and 1 MB from Kems. Combining them to make 2.5 MB over a load balancer, makes for a very fast connection!

    zombie-commando: Whats that?!?!

    Tartoob: Great, I am looking forward to it! I will check out uTorrent later!

    Angelo: I know what you mean, thats why I wanted it!

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