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I stayed at home with the family for this trip, its nice staying in my room since I made a few changes a couple of years back to suit my needs.

One of the things I made sure of was that our internet account was active and paid for with BT (British Telecom), and it was since I knew how much English companies love paperwork and going through a system. Once I got home and tried the internet it wasn’t working so I checked the router, I restarted it, reset it, and did everything else I knew to do, even though I knew the problem wasn’t from my side.

I called BT Support and to my pleasant surprise there are two different support, one for the connection and one for the hardware. They couldn’t find anyone who could understand both so they had to make two. Then I find out there is a technical fault support that could only be reach through the first line support who have to note everything down about the whole problem and everything I did. I was being very patient since I knew how these companies work, and I wanted to get some results. I asked them if there was a way to expedite the process they said no. So after the person spent 20 minutes writing down everything I did and everything he said I was told that I would be contacted the next day by the Technical Fault Support since I can’t call them directly and they decide if an engineer should come out.


The next day they call and I tell them everything again, and went through all the hoops. Then they tell me since its a Friday and at 10:00am its too late to send an engineer out, and they are already all scheduled for Saturday morning I will be contacted Monday to get an appointment as to when the engineer will come out.

Safe to say I didn’t have internet connectivity, and I found it funny the whole process went that way. And to my surprise as I was walking outside my home I found three BT vans and two were for Internet Connectivity support and nobody could come 20 meters down to figure out the problem. Really funny, you have to love the English system and their love of paperwork.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lol no way! Now I know where Kuwait got its roots from! :p

  2. Its somehow better than in Egypt where you will be ignored for like 60 times then rescheduled for 6 weeks after then.

  3. Rogers Cable tech service here in Canada is not that bad. but their monopoly and prices that kills me .. they control everything, internet, phone lines, video rentals, cell phones … etc ..

  4. Sami

    ^ they even own the skydome now, called the rogers center…. damn them

  5. N: Yup its really annoying!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Offer then money and they will be there yesterday!

    DJ X FADER: That is insane! They can’t control everything like that!

    Sami: Wow!!

  6. i really haven’t been to London other than their port bss lesh kil sayart-hom a7iss mmakhfoseen min jidaam (they are so short) !!

  7. The best Tech support I’ve been in contact with over the years was with Apple care. they re really professional and straight to the point. once a tech engineer spent over 2 hours on the phone with me until he resolved the problem.

    Also . In the states, Cable companies have the best support team, and yes , Even if you see a technician from the cable company down the street while your appointment is not until tomorrow or the day after, You have to wait .

  8. Laialy: Its for parking purposes! They don’t have any parking, so they have space but try to keep the length short!

    G-Funk: I don’t know about Apple Care but Cable Companies have really good support in the states like you said, about down the street thing I was just getting annoyed, but still! So much damn paperwork!

  9. good thing is that BT has hotspots covered most of London.

  10. CyberRowdy: Not enough in my case! The closest hotspot was a T-mobile hotspot at the closest Starbucks!

  11. when is it going to happen? the small, tiny kuwait going to be covered fully in a wifi mesh? :( shame that we don’t have it yet

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