The Book Stop!


Whenever I am in London I can’t help but to pass by the bookstore, and I usually go there a couple of times. The first time is to give it a quick glance and to make notes, the next time I come in to the Book store is go through all the sections I want to check out. I made went to two bookstores and I picked up different books from each one!

Bookstores I spent parts of the day in:

  • Hatchards Piccadilly
  • Waterstones Piccadilly

I managed to find a nice variety of books and a few books I was looking for!

Waterstones Books:

  • Brother Odd – Dean Koontz
  • The Black Tattoo – Sam Enthoven
  • The Dreaming Void – Peter F. Hamilton

Hatchards Books:

  • Race to Dakar – Charley Boorman
  • Voice of the Gods – Trudi Canavan (3rd book of the Trilogy)
  • Richistan – Robert Frank

dsc00049.jpgI managed to find a nice variety of books this time but its not as if I don’t have books that I haven’t read, but I can’t help get a book that seems really interesting and I know I will enjoy. One other thing I noticed while in London, an hour wouldn’t go by without somebody reading the new Harry Potter Book, a taxi cab, ice cream man, a bell boy, a waiter, random person walking, on a bus, at the airport, in restaurants, everywhere!










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  1. didn’t you write the exact same post sometime last year?

  2. Fhaid

    Oh yeah i was in london from the 9th of July until the 1st of August, and yes everybody’s reading the latest Harry Potter book, i actually queued in line for the midnight launch. it was awesome! had to read it in two days cause damn spoilers everywhere i went! to make matters worse i heard the guy in front of me in the line say something to the girl he was flirting with about the book’s ending.. Movin’ on.. I was going to by the Age of Five trilogy while in there, but for some reason didn’t, is it any good? i’m guessing you read the first two books, please do tell me if they’re worth it!

    Enjoy your books and happy reading :p

  3. shopa: I wrote something different but I did stop at Hatchards before!! And a few other places! But different books at the time!

    : I will check it out the next time I’m there!

    N: Very much so!

    Jacqui: Take some time off and I will point you in that direction!

    Fhaid: That must be annoying to here somebody spoil the book for you! But its an adventure on its own to wait for it! If you like Fantasy you will love Age of Five Trilogy, you should also check out Trudi Caravans first trilogy Magicians guild!

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