The London Purchase Spree!


While I was London I had a few things in mind to pick up since I haven’t really spent much in a while and I didn’t mind spending on myself a bit this trip. I had a few things that I wanted to pick up for a while and a few other things that I just didn’t get around to while in Kuwait. I decided to get them all while I was in London and then submit the VAT for the more expensive items, basically anything for then 100 since 17% is a lot of money and adds up very quickly. I ended up getting a mix of things, books, DVDs, magazines, music, electronics, and a few bags. This is what women would call shopping therapy but for men, and this doesn’t happen too often. One thing is for sure, everyman loves gadgets and if they don’t then they are missing out.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. American dad is the shizzle.. lol

    btw, just spent quality time with Salem at tri star looking at the Ducatis.. ;)

    I’m heading out on a tour on a 999 all over Italy.. it’s an 8 day tour, with 1500 kilos to cover + Moto GP tickets.. so I wanted a quick Ducati history review.. :P

  2. Sweet stuff, I think I should do the same, probably head out to soog el yem3a for that =p

  3. Fhaid

    I love american dad, roger has to be one of the funniest cartoon characters!
    Oh i once had a bad experience with Nokia’s first touch screen mobile [forgot it’s name/number] and ever since i didn’t get a single nokia phone.
    But after all you’re the gadget expert, so hopefully you’ll make the best out of it!

  4. K: It will take over teh intraweb!

    The Don: nice!! That is going to be one hell of a trip! Go enjoy the whole ride! Let me know how the whole MotoGP and tickets ride go!!

    N: loooool!

    Fhaid: I stil think Family Guy is the best but American Dad is hilarious too! I think that the 3rd generation touch screen items have really improved and I’m no expert just a tech junkie! I think that the N800 is really good product for those who like to be connected to the web without a laptop.

  5. yooo man can i see the cd’s ..the first Yoshitoshi look intresting .. some house flava for ya ear !

  6. FJ X FADER: lol! Some are pretty good, I will make a list!

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